Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#03 - Fire Vampires & Dholes

Fire Vampires

Fire Vampires are composed of thousands of tiny points of light, all of which are living entities of flame, and as such, burn anything they touch. From a distance, the individual points are indiscernible, so it appears to be an intelligent plasma.

In the RPG...

I think the most interesting thing about Fire Vampires is that they are killed in the same way as standard fire would be—as in water, a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand etc. While a paranoid investigator might have a gun on them, there's very little chance that they'll be carrying any of those. Even if they do have some water on them, it's doubtful they would have the 1½ gallons (5.7L) it requires to take out an average Fire Vampire. As mentioned above, they also burn anything they touch, so if encountered in a house, there's a good chance the whole thing will be up in flames by the time the hapless victims escape. 

In a video game...

I've played video games where an extinguisher is needed to put out fires, but I can't recall any that have used them as a weapon, so I think that would make for a cool addition to the usual arsenal. Tangentially, it would even make for an interesting weapon against humans, should the player not have their guns for whatever reason. Picture this: You encounter a Fire Vampire, grab a nearby extinguisher and douse it. As you turn to leave, a cultist appears in the doorway. You spray him in the face, and while he's wiping foam from his eyes, you bring the tank down on his head with a satisfying DONG.

In a film...

I'm not sure how interesting or scary a floating blob of fire would be in a film, to be honest, sentient or not. If anyone has thoughts to the contrary, feel free to leave a comment below.


Dholes are basically giant worms. And I do mean giant. They are the largest creature in the Malleus Monstrorum, including deities. It's said that there are none on Earth, which can only be a good thing, because they burrow through the ground, infesting the entire planet until it is destroyed.

In the RPG...

Despite being absent from Earth, they can obviously be summoned here by those who know how. Encountering such a creature would be seriously bad news. An average Dhole has 34 armor, which means that it would take 8 hits from a tank to even kill it. If the investigators don't have a tank handy, a LAW (light anti-tank weapon) would only need 36 rockets to take a Dhole out. No big deal, right? On top of their insane durability, they are faster than every vehicle save a sports car or train, so the chance of outrunning one are slim to none. If that wasn't enough, they can also spit a 27-foot blob of goo 2 to 3 miles. All the Malleus Monstrorum Dhole entry really needs to say is, "You're screwed!"

In a video game...

The only way I can see a Dhole working in a video game is as a scripted set-piece—most likely a boss fight. Perhaps you're in a car, using yourself as bait to lure the creature through the town or city to the point where several tanks are in waiting, and all you have to do is survive the trip. Or maybe the Dhole is moving through the town, and you know an airstrike has been called in so you have to use stealth to avoid the Dhole's detection, all the while watching the clock so you're not still in town when the strike hits. Another scenario (as suggested on the MU podcast), would be having an already dead Dhole serve as the "setting", and the players must traverse its innards, possibly also providing a tunnel between the waking and Dreamlands.

In a film...

There have been several Dhole-like creatures appear in films already—the most notable being the sandworms in Dune—but I would still love to see an actual Dhole. I think the trick would be to show it near known objects—whether that's a city or just various vehicles—so as to truly convey its size.

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