Friday, April 1, 2016

#05 - Zoogs & Ubbo-Sathla


Zoogs are cat-sized creatures native to the Dreamlands' Enchanted Forest. They are described as "furtive", which means they prefer to stay hidden.

In the RPG...

Much like a Rat-Thing, a single Zoog is no real threat to an investigator. They, too, have no armour and only 4 hit-points. The difference here is, they are a social creature and live in villages, so if the investigators got on the wrong side of one, there could potentially be a mob coming to their aide. For the most part, however, Zoogs are friendly to humans, so this shouldn't really be an issue.

In a video game...

I'd like to think of the Zoogs as being an ally in a video game. It's unlikely they would come to the player's aide, being furtive and all, but they could be a source of information or missions. As with the Lumens, if the player did happen to attack them, then I think it's only fair they find out what an entire village of Zoogs can do.

In a film...

I would love to see a film of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, but I think the chances of that ever becoming a reality are slim to none. The Zoog/Cat war would be hilariously epic though. Aside from that, a Zoog could probably make for an interesting kids movie, where one is befriended by a child playing out in the woods. Perhaps the child fell asleep, met the Zoog, and somehow brings it back to the Waking World.


Ubbo-Sathla is another of the amorphous deities of the Mythos. It lives in a cavern below Antarctica and is said to be that which the Elder Things created Shoggoths from. Ubbo-Sathla is constantly spawning its brood... but then also eats them.

In the RPG...

I could be wrong, but I don't think there's a spell to summon Ubbo-Sathla, so being an immobile blob, it would have to be sought out—most likely in an attempt to obtain or see the Elder Key tablets that it possesses. Anyone coming within 100 yards has a 90% chance of being grabbed and absorbed into Ubbo-Sathla's bulk, so presumably that would comprise its entire cavern. It also regenerates 25 hit-points per round—which is basically the same thing as having 25-point armour—and can only be hurt by fire and magic, so the chances of depleting its 200 hit-points are pretty slim. Even if that did occur, Ubbo-Sathla simply retreats away into a fissure until fully regenerated and then returns.

In a video game...

With its difficulty to vanquish, and its out-of-the-way habitat, I doubt Ubbo-Sathla would be a worthwhile inclusion in a game. It could, however, be a cool Easter Egg in an unrelated Antarctic game, such as Beyond the Mountains of Madness... though finding it would have to be little more than an observation, else they'd better hope they had a recent save.

In a film...

Anyone that finds Ubbo-Sathla is pretty much dead, so unless the writer is going for a "curiosity killed the cat" theme, I don't think it would really work in a film. 

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