Sunday, April 3, 2016

#06 - Worms of the Earth & Cthulhu

Worms of the Earth

Worms of the Earth are Serpent People that stopped worshipping Yig, and so were cursed by him to progressively devolve into snakes with each subsequent generation.

In the RPG...

Writing this entry is actually the first time I've read up on Worms of the Earth. I was familiar with the Serpent People, but not their degenerate kin. It seems that an encounter with them would play out differently depending on what stage of devolution the clan was at. At first they simply become dwarven and less intelligent, but then the next stage has them as large snakes with rudimentary legs, and finally they just become regular snakes. No matter the stage, they still wouldn't be any great threat to investigators. They only have 1 point of armour, and their hit-points progressively drop from 8 to 6. Earlier stages can still use weapons and spells, but this ability decreases too.

In a video game...

Like the Zoogs, I'd be more inclined to have the Worms of the Earth as denizens in a village that can be visited and interacted with, more so than an enemy to be fought.

In a film...

The Worms of the Earth seem quite pitiful to me, so if anything, I would play up that aspect rather than have them as a source of horror. Seeing a large snake with vaguely human features would be fairly horrific, but I don't think it would be enough to prop up a film. Perhaps they could simply be included as a side-story in a Snake People film.


This guy needs no introduction. The poster-child of the whole beastiary, Cthulhu's visage can been seen on everything from the titular Call of Cthulhu RPG, to childrens' plushies and ABC books. If you happen to live under a rock, he's a gigantic humanoid with a tentacled face and atrophied bat-wings, who lies sleeping in a city under the sea, said due to rise "when the stars are right."

In the RPG...

Cthulhu is sufficiently terrifying in game terms. He has 21-armour and regenerates 6 hit-points per round on top of that, so would take an average of 3 tank shells, or 7 rockets, to deplete his 160 hit-points (nothing less powerful will even breach his "armour"). When he reaches 0, Cthulhu bursts into a green cloud, taking only 11-20 minutes to regain full solidity and constitution. Offensively, Cthulhu has a 100% chance to attack, doing an average of 77 damage—so instant death for any investigator within his reach.

In a video game...

Cthulhu is the first deity so far to have an actual shape described, which automatically makes him a more interesting inclusion in a visual medium such as a video game. His practical invulnerability, however, places him back with the others, in that you probably wouldn't want to be fighting him. I imagine him lumbering through a city while the player fights cultists and Deep Ones on the streets below. To make the scene even more frantic, the player would simultaneously have to avoid being stepped on, or crushed from falling building segments. Cthulhu himself would be as apathetic to what's happening around his feet as humans are to ants on a sidewalk. As for how to defeat him? Well, not every story has to have a happy ending.

In a film...

Unlike my video game idea, I actually wouldn't like to see Cthulhu reduced to a Godzilla clone. The best solution I can envisage is if the film was simply about people surviving the new world order following Cthulhu's waking, where any shot of Cthulhu is in the background, only indirectly connected to the story—something along the lines of 2010's Monsters.

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