Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#07 - Servants of Y’golonac & Cyäegha

Servants of Y'golonac

Small, deformed, and eyeless, the Servants of Y'golonac dwell with him in darkness behind a great wall. Like him, they also have sharp-toothed mouths on their palms.

In the RPG...

Being trapped behind the same wall that traps Y'golonac, his servants probably wouldn't be encountered unless he was freed, in which case they would most likely be by his side, so their relative harmlessness would be a moot point.

In a video game...

If Y'golonac was a boss, his servants would be the minions that spawn around him, needing to dealt with before the he can be. 

In a film...

There's actually potential for some serious horror here I think. Imagine a demolition crew knocking down a wall, and seeing a flash of skin run past. They'd probably think it's a child and halt work to search for them. In the darkness, they spot the child—or several—cowered in a corner in their tattered clothes. Nearing them, the child turns around with a squeal, revealing their eyeless face and mouthed palms to the horror of the workers!


Cyäegha resides under a mountain, protected and imprisoned by the cult that worships it. It is a mass of darkness and tentacles, with one large glowing eye in the centre.

In the RPG...

Cyäegha has the same number of hit-points as Cthulhu (160), but without the armour points to back them up. It does, however, take minimum damage from impaling weapons and bullets, though I can't imagine anyone would try to take it out with a gun, so that doesn't really matter. Like most of the other deities so far, Cyäegha's attack would be instant death to any investigator, so it's probably best if they keep their distance anyway. Say they did get in the 4 rockets it would take to reduce it to zero, Cyäegha would simply retreat back underground.

In a video game...

Unless the player character is somehow connected to the military, it's unlikely they'll have access to rockets, so combat with Cyäegha is most likely out. It would probably make a more interesting mission to have someone actively trying to free the deity, and the player having to stop them. In this instance, they would probably have the alliance of Cyäegha's cult, because they actually want it staying put themselves.

In a film...

Being a giant floating eyeball, Cyäegha has the potential to either look completely awesome or completely goofy. It would all depend on the cinematography and FX. Presumably the storyline of such a film would revolve around its cult in some way.

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