Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#08 - Rat People & Hastur

Rat People

Once human, Rat People have degenerated to a near animal state. I get the impression from their write-up in the Malleus Monstrorum that they are even less human than those pictured below, as it says that they sometimes walk on all fours and has no mention of weapons or even clothing.

In the RPG...

Only slightly smaller than a wolf, and with 7 hit-points, they're probably the first physically threatening creature in my list (remember that the second entry in each post is coming in from the other end of said list). Their attack only does an average of 2 damage, but a bite can also carry disease on a failed CON roll. Untreated, this disease has the potential to cost the investigator 30 CON and 6 hit-points over 3 days, though these can be restored by either medicine rolls or be-rest.

In a video game...

In a video game context, the disease would have to have a much more immediate effect. Aside from that, I think Rat People would make for a good bottom-tier enemy to be encountered when the player is in places that normal rats might be seen.

In a film...

I can't think of any off-hand, but I'd be very surprised if some kind of anthropomorphic rat hadn't already been seen in a horror movie. These creatures are taken from Lovecraft's story The Rats in the Walls, and I think the ending to that story would be amazing on the big-screen.


Hastur dwells near the star Aldebaran, and if called to Earth, must stay on the side visible to the star. Its appearance is disputed, which possibly means that either everyone sees it differently, or that it has no fixed form.

In the RPG...

Hastur has 30-point armour, but otherwise has no special immunities, which means that standard rockets and artillery would hurt it... or guns if the investigator has a death wish. Though it doesn't state so in the rulebook, I would presume reaching zero hit-points would simply send it back home. However, Hastur has a 100% chance of striking a deathblow with one of its tentacles (yes, that's right, another tentacled deity!), so like the other deities, it's probably best left alone if possible. Hastur is often served by Byakhee, so it's possible that some of them may be in its proximity also.

In a video game...

Hastur seems to have very little distinguishing traits, so I doubt it would make a worthwhile addition to any game, even as "scenery" as I've said with most of the others.

In a film...

Again, Hastur seems to me quite lacklustre, so if a filmmaker were looking for a monstrous deity to star in their film, I don't think they'd get much bang for their buck here. I think Hastur's value comes primarily from its avatar, The King in Yellow.

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