Thursday, April 7, 2016

#10 - Martense Kin & Cthugha

Martense Kin

The Martense family, through generations of inbreeding, degenerated into animalistic monsters. They left the surface world to dwell underground in labyrinthine warrens, shunning the light—though it doesn't actually hurt them.

In the RPG...

Like the Rat People and Miri Nigri, Martense Kin have human-level stats, lacking only in SIZ and INT. The Malleus Monstrorum states that "swarms of hundreds of these creatures are not uncommon", which would be their biggest threat. Even the smallest group is said to be at least a dozen. They are presumably only active in the Catskills mountains, however, so any encounter would have to involve that location in some way, making them a rare enemy.

In a video game...

With their numbers, Martense Kin would make for suitable cannon fodder, but with the limitation on their habitat, I think Rat People—or even Ghouls—would be better utilised.

In a film...

There have been a few adaptations of Lovecraft's The Lurking Fear—which the Martense Kin are lifted from—but none have been particularly good or scary, which is a shame, because I believe the story could make for a great horror film.


From what I can gather, Cthugha is essentially a small sentient sun.

In the RPG...

Cthugha is a particularly nasty deity. If summoned, it brings with it up to 1000 Fire Vampires, which immediately go pyromaniac on the surrounding area. There's also a 10% chance that Fthaggua, Lord of the Fire Vampires, arrives with them. On top of that, a circular area 40-400 yards across—presumably dependant on Cthugha's altitude—is scorched. Investigators within this area must make a CON roll each round. Upon the first failure, they will lose 1 hit-point per round thereafter. Cthugha can also belch fire at a range of 150 yards, incinerating a 20 yard radius. Any investigators within this area must make Extreme CON rolls. Failure results in incineration, while a success still results in an average of 5 hit-points. If all that wasn't deadly enough, Cthugha can also form pseudopods that average 26 damage—so instant death really. Like I said, one bad mofo.

In a video game...

Every weapon that comes in contact with Cthugha is destroyed, so its essentially invincible. Presumably water would kill it, but I can't imagine there's any way that could be achieved, unless it was summoned under a dam or something that could then be blown up. Plus, with Fire Vampires only being able to be killed with extinguishers or such, they wouldn't make for ridiculously difficult minions in a boss fight. The only use I can see for Cthugha is if there was something underneath it that was needed, and the player had to simply get in and out alive—a stealth mission perhaps—with an extinguisher in the event that they run into a Fire Vampire.

In a film...

For the same reasons I just mentioned, I'm not sure how Cthugha would work in a film. The Malleus Monstrorum says that it will leave once there is nothing left to burn in the area, so perhaps it could just appear as a minor obstacle to the story. Or as I suggested with Azathoth, perhaps it is summoned as a weapon of mass destruction.

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