Friday, April 8, 2016

#12 - Desh & Ghatanothoa


The Desh are creatures from an alternate dimension that can be summoned to earth through the brain of a sentient being. They come in many different shapes and sizes, two samples of which are pictured below, named Lesser and Greater Desh. Lesser desh appear as large silvery tadpoles with limp, toothless mouths, and with a row of dark, bead-like eyes across their narrow heads. Their long limbs are tough and springy. Greater desh have slim, fish-like bodies with four long limbs knotted with cords of stringy muscle. Wide mouths bristle with curved, six-inch teeth. The top of the sleek head is crowned with a bundle of 2 to 8 lidless, plate-shaped eyes arranged in a crescent.

In the RPG...

Lesser Desh are not much of a threat at all. They only have 3 hit-points and "attack" by simply tripping the investigator (upon a failed Hard DEX roll). The Greater Desh, however, have 8 hit-points, and will bite with an average of 5 damage, so are not quite so harmless. Did I mention that the summoning of a Greater Desh will cause the victim's skull to burst open? There is another weird trait of the Greater Desh, too, and that is that a successful attack upon them will have the rolled damage multiplied by 5, then that becomes the % chance that the creature disappears in a bright flash of light—else the attack has no effect at all. So say a bullet does 5 damage, that means there's a 75% chance that damage is completed negated. A weapon would therefore need to do 20 damage to guarantee killing a Greater Desh. Strange, but intriguing.

In a video game...

I'd never even given the Desh a second glance until writing this entry, and I have to say, I've come to like them. Even limiting to the two types listed, they are different and quirky enough to make interesting enemies. Imagine the look on a player's face when the Lesser Desh leaps at them... only to be tripped. Or when they fight off a couple of Greater Desh that wink away in a flash, and then the next one inexplicably shrugs off the attack completely.

In a film...

Despite having just said that the Desh had won me over, I don't think floaty fishy things would work that well in a film.


Ghatanothoa is said to be so horrific that looking upon it—or even a perfect likeness—will cause the victim to petrify.

In the RPG...

Ghatanothoa can attack with one of its tentacles for an average of 24 damage, but unless the investigator was going in with their eyes closed, it wouldn't matter anyway. Each round an investigator is looking upon Ghatanothoa, they must make a successful CON roll else their body starts to petrify. The worst part is that their internal organs are not affected, but are instead preserved, meaning that the victim remains conscious within. 

In a video game...

I'm not sure how Ghatanothoa would work in a video game. Not being able to look at it would make it practically impossible to fight. Even if the player was looking away, Ghatanothoa can move as quickly as a human, so would easily come up behind them and strike. I suppose some kind of puzzle could be rigged to dispose of it without the need to look, but I'm not sure how satisfying it would be to kill something you haven't even seen.

In a film...

Ghatanothoa is lifted from Lovecraft's Out of the Aeons, the plot of which could probably be reworked into an interesting film. Spoilers, but I imagine the reveal of the mummy still actually being alive would be pretty horrifying to an audience.

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