Sunday, April 10, 2016

#13 - Tcho-Tchos & Shudde M'ell


Tcho-Tchos are pygmies, descendant of Miri Nigri interbreeding with humans. They are outwardly human and have emigrated to all parts of the world.

In the RPG...

Tcho-Tchos are the first enemies on my list to have entirely human-level stats... albeit on the lower end. Their most notable trait is that they have 0 SAN. It should be noted that the rulebook and Malleus differ on their SIZ and INT. Whereas the Malleus gives the Tcho-Tcho 50-80 and 50-100 respectively (converted), the 7e rulebook has 20-70 and 15-90, making them smaller and less intelligent... which makes sense really. Noticing this difference has now got me wondering which other creatures have been changed that I haven't realised.

In a video game...

Though originally tribal, the Tcho-Tchos that have moved to the "New World" have become accustomed to modern clothing and weaponry, and because of their similarity to humans, I imagine they would make for a pretty standard enemy in a game.

In a film...

Unless the film was delving into the Tcho-Tcho's ancestry, I don't think they would be of much interest in a film. They would simply appear as savage pygmies, which has been done many times in the past.

Shudde M'ell

Like Dagon and Hydra are to Deep Ones, and Fthagghua is to Fire Vampires, Shudde M'ell is simply the largest of its kind. In this case, the Chthonians, a race of giant burrowing worms... though not as large as Dholes

In the RPG...

Like all Chthonians, Shudde M'ell can create earthquakes. He can also create a sinkhole of 11-20 yards across. His standard attacks—which pretty much involve crushing its victim—would most likely end in instant death for any investigator. Shudde M'ell can also grab an opponent, which does half the damage, but also takes an average of 16 CON per round, and good luck opposing his 450 STR to break free!

In a video game...

Shudde M'ell is quite dangerous on or under the ground, but unlike every other deity so far, he can neither fly, nor has a ranged attack, which means he could be pretty easily fought from the air, so a boss fight in a biplane could be pretty fun. Perhaps he could toss some boulders at the player just to keep things interesting.

In a film...

I've always liked Chthonians, but I think if they appeared on film, they would be compared to the Graboids from Tremors. I've never read it, but I wonder how a direct adaptation of Brian Lumley's The Burrowers Beneath would work?

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