Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#14 - Dust-Men & Daoloth


I knew a day would come when I would struggle to find a suitable image for a monster... and today is that day. Not that there's much to work with. Dust-Men are said to be actual dust—at least in the waking world—that can float into people and give them bad dreams, or half-control them when awake.

In the RPG...

Every monster so far I've enjoyed reading up on and writing about, but I have to say, the Dust-Men were boring to read about, and I've actively been putting off writing of them. I even completed the second entry first, which I don't normally do. Apparently they were included as part of a competition Chaosium held, along with Father-Of-All-Sharks and Pallid Dancers. I read both of those entries out of curiosity and they are both more interesting than Dust-Men. Despite my lack of interest, I'll still explain what they're about: So, while they are humanoid in the Dreamlands, Dust-Men are just dust in the waking world, able to... "whirl". If they are breathed in during this whirling, the give their victim dreams of deserts, jungles, catacombs, or crypts, which for some reason can cause SAN loss—failing a Hard POW roll—every night. On top of that, they lose 5 CON per week due to poor sleep or something. If these horrific, horrific dreams and restless sleep weren't enough, a Dust-Man can partially control their victim during the day—but only partially—with an opposed POW roll every hour. While being controlled, the victim is slower than usual, but won't do anything they wouldn't normally do, such as kill someone etc. If bad dreams, poor sleep, and exhaustion are all symptoms of Dust-Man possession, it's possible I've been attacked myself.

In a video game...


In a film...



Daoloth is essentially a sentient teleporter, or gate. Visually, I imagine it as a 4-dimensional shape, constantly creating shapes that fold in on themselves.

In the RPG...

Anything that touches Daoloth is simply transported to another place or dimension, which includes weaponry, so nothing can actually hurt it. The Malleus Monstrorum suggests a spell might do damage, but leaves it up to the Keeper to decide which.

In a video game...

Being a teleporter, Daoloth could easily work in a video game, allowing access to limitless locations the developers wanted to explore. It would be humorous to have a trigger where if Daoloth was fired at before being entered, the player would find a corpse on the other side—possibly of an ally—with a bullet wound to the head.

In a film...

As with a video game, Daoloth's abilities would provide infinite possibilities for any story it's included in. Perhaps a scientist creates the world's first teleporter, only to discover it's actually a sentient being and is slowly driven insane by its presence.

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