Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#15 - Goatswood Gnomes & Abhoth

Goatswood Gnomes

The Goatswood Gnomes are statues that have been enchanted to life. They are dormant during the day, but come to life at night to carry out vile and devious acts.

In the RPG...

Goatswood Gnomes have 10 hit-points and 9-point armour—presumably due to their stone origins—which makes them much tougher than other creatures their size. Due to their armour they are immune to smaller handguns, and even larger ones (.45) only have a 30% chance of getting through.

In a video game...

I think these little fellas would make cool enemies in a game, especially considering their surprising durability. A player might happen across them, thinking them an easy target, only to find their peashooter having no effect at all. The only hitch might be that they are native to Goatswood, though I'm sure that could be worked around quite easily.

In a film...

I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I'd be very surprised if evil gnomes haven't already featured in a horror film or two. They have the potential to be scary, but equal potential to be corny. It would be a fine line.


Like many creatures already discussed—and many to come—Abhoth is of amorphous, protean form. Like Ubbo-Sathla, it dwells in a cavern, constantly producing spawn and devouring them, though many manage to escape.

In the RPG...

Abhoth regenerates 20 hit-points per round from kinetic damage, which means most weaponry will be ineffective. It does, however, take normal damage from fire and magic. Investigators will want to hope they aren't caught while in the presence of Abhoth, as a successful attack results in absorption, with practically no hope of escape. As with Ubbo-Sathla, the more immediate threat would probably be its spawn.

In a video game...

Sticking with the similarity to Ubbo-Sathla, I don't really think Abhoth would add much to a game. Its cavern would be easier to incorporate than the former's, but I'm not sure of its value. It could be used as a boss with its spawn swarming the player, but unless the cavern is blocking the way to another necessary tunnel, I don't see why they would need to go down there.

In a film...

As with a video game, the biggest obstacle would be coming up with a feasible reason for an antagonist to come across Abhoth's cavern. If an amorphous pile of goop is needed for the story, a Shoggoth would make a better choice.

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