Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#17 - Serpent People & Chaugnar Faugn

Serpent People

Serpent People are anthropomorphic snakes, known for their sorcerous ways. A favourite spell of theirs is Consume Likeness, which allows them to appear human and walk amongst our societies. They are also well-versed in various poisons. It's believed that they created Ghasts and Voormis in their technological prime, millennia ago.

In the RPG...

Like the Mi-Go, Serpent People are a pretty common non-human foe. From what I've seen, they generally appear in human guise, only revealed to be Serpent People at a later time. Being humanoid, they can use any weapon known to man, but they also have a poisonous bite which has the potential to do 16 damage.

In a video game...

Serpent People would be a great fit for a video game. Their penchant for taking human form could make for some interesting scenarios, as well as a nice dose of paranoia if the player knew ahead of time that they had this ability.

In a film...

As with a video game, a film involving Serpent People could be a nice paranoiac affair—a la The Thing—whilst also providing opportunity for some great FX and scares. Perhaps the protagonist is the only person who can see their true forms and no one believes them. Something akin to They Live

Chaugnar Faugn

A giant elephantine creature, Chaugnar Faugn sits statue-like on his pedestal. He is tended to by the Miri Nigri and primarily worshipped by the Tcho-Tcho.

In the RPG...

No ordinary weapon can harm Chaugnar Faugn, and even enchanted ones have limited effect. He has quite a few different means of attack, however. Regular fighting attacks that average 24 damage, a bite manoeuvre that drains about 3 hit-points per round while held, inducing a heart attack that can do up to 13 hit-points damage and loss of consciousness, and finally, the ability to mesmerize. On top of all that, Chaugnar Faugn will always have Miri Nigri in his presence.

In a video game...

As I said in the Miri Nigri entry, Chaugnar Faugn would most likely be encountered as a boss fight, with the Miri Nigri as his minions. This was, of course, before I realised that he was practically indestructible.

In a film...

I think Chaugnar Faugn would look very cool in a film. Though I've never read it, perhaps Frank Belknap Long's The Horror from the Hills would be a worthwhile adaptation.

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