Sunday, April 17, 2016

#18 - Voormis & Star-spawn of Cthulhu


The Voormis are dog-like humanoids. They were created by the Serpent People as slaves, but escaped captivity when their masters' civilization fell. The Voormis thrived in Hyperborea until the arrival of humans, at which time they were hunted and driven underground. Though mostly extinct, some small colonies still exist.

In the RPG...

The Voormis are pretty standard monsters, simply attacking with claws and teeth. All their stats are otherwise human.

In a video game...

Like most of the other humanoids mentioned so far, the Voormis would make for decent base-level enemies... or simply cannon fodder.

In a film...

I don't think the Voormis have enough uniqueness to star in a film, but if one was ever made that was set in Hyperborea, they would obviously have to make an appearance.

Star-spawn of Cthulhu

Cthulhu's spawn are basically just smaller versions of himself. Some were trapped in R'lyeh when it sank, though many were not.

In the RPG...

The Star-spawn have 10 armour—which seems to be pretty common—meaning that they are almost immune to bullets. Aside from that, they have no other quirks of defense, which means they can technically be killed... though it would take 7 sticks of dynamite to do so. One hit from a Star-spawn averages 35 damage, with an 80% chance of success, however, so getting close to one would not be the best idea.

In a video game...

With 78 hit-points, the Star-spawn are still well into "boss fight" territory, though without the immunities that many others have, they would still be manageable with the right tactics.

In a film...

Because they are just mini Cthulhus, I think I'd rather see the big man himself rather than his "children", so unless they're in a film with him, I wouldn't really bother.

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