Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#20 - Sand-Dwellers & Tsathoggua


Emaciated humanoids with a facial resemblance to a koala. Their skin looks like it's encrusted with sand.

In the RPG...

Every time I've heard the Sand-Dwellers talked about, it's always with laughter, solely due to their koala-esque appearance. I think the new image above is a much better representation than the old one (see below), and should help to veer their P.R. considerably. A mostly-subterranean, nocturnal race—yes, another one—should be feared, not laughed at, and I think Sand-Dwellers actually do have the potential to be scary. It should be noted that the Sand-Dwellers in the 7e rulebook are actually bigger than they used to be. In the Malleus Monstrorum, Sand-Dwellers have a SIZ of 20-70, whereas in the new rulebook they are 45-120. I personally like them being smaller, but what can you do.

In a video game...

I think Sand-Dwellers could be a great enemy in a desert setting. If they can appear from the sand quickly, the player would never know when or where they'll pop up, and if they can disappear just as quickly, it would make them much harder targets. If this was all happening at night, or in a sandstorm, I imagine it would be even more frightening. Like I said, I think they have the potential to be truly terrifying creatures.

In a film...

While thinking of how Sand-Dwellers might work in a film, I can't help but get image of two large eyes in the darkness, reflecting light like a cat's, only to then be joined by two more, then more again. It certainly gives me chills thinking about it, so I'm sure a good director could make it work. Though I only vaguely remember it, The Burrowers featured creatures akin to Sand-Dwellers, only they walked on all fours and had no eyes at all.


Tsathoggua is kind of a cross between a bear, toad, and bat... with a humanoid posture thrown in for good measure. He sits sleepily in a cavern—like so many other mythos deities—waiting for people to eat.

In the RPG...

Tsathoggua has no armour, but does have the highest hit-point regeneration I've come across so far: 30 points per round! That means he could heal from a dynamite explosion in only 1 or 2 rounds. That's enough to put even Wolverine to shame. Though a strike from Tsathoggua averages 14 hit-points—which is still pretty bad—his maneuver is scarier. By grabbing hold of an investigator, he drains 5 points from every stat until they're dead... or he himself is defeated.

In a video game...

Unlike all the other cavern-dwelling deities, Tsathoggua is at least mobile, and knows the Create Gate spell, so could easily be placed where needed. As for actually being an enemy, I think his regeneration makes him too powerful. Unless the player/s were able to take his 75 hit-points in one round, he would just keep healing. I guess that if he were to be fought as a boss, there could possibly be an environmental solution whereby a boulder is made to land on him or something.

In a film...

Tsathoggua is taken from a story called The Seven Geases, along with Serpent People, Abhoth, and Atlach-Nacha, so though I've never read it, it has a good selection of monsters, so could make for an interesting adaptation.

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