Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#23 - People of K’n-yan & Yig

People of K'n-yan

The People of K'n-yan—or K'n-yanians—are humans who live in a blue-lit, subterranean world beneath Oklahoma. It is said that they cut ties to the outside world around the time that Atlantis sank—approx. 10,000 BC.—and their society has since stagnated, loosing most of its art, science, and magic, though still considered "advanced" by our standards.

In the RPG...

K'n-yanians have human-level stats, though they do possess the abilities of telepathy and dematerialization. They also have disintegration weapons, though with a base chance-to-hit of only 10%, it's highly inaccurate.

In a video game...

While K'n-yanians themselves are fairly unremarkable, their "world" could be an interesting locale in a video game. Not only is it subterranean and blue-lit, but the peoples partake in games of strength, skill, and stamina, as well as various mind-altering substances. They worship numerous different deities, and they are also great Dreamers and can remain in dream-like trances for years at a time. On the darker side, they've also devised many forms of torture and scientific experimentation, including re-animation. As well as all this, they ride Gyaa-yothn, which are said to be similar to Ghasts. K'n-yan is also connected to N'kai, which contains Formless Spawn of Tsathoggua.

In a film...

Personally, I think an underground, oddly-dressed race of humans would come across as goofy in a film, even if the more horror-themed side of their culture was put front-and-centre. 


Yig is the half-human father of serpents.

In the RPG...

At first glance, Yig doesn't appear to be that much of a threat. His SIZ is only 100, and his hand-to-hand attack only does an average of 7 damage. However, it's his bite that's the killer. It only does an average of 4 damage, but if this penetrates the investigator's armour at all, then the result is instant death. It's a fighting manoeuvre, but with a STR of 150, it would be difficult to resist.

In a video game...

Despite being human-sized, it would take an average of 5 sticks of dynamite to take out Yig due to his 6-point armour. This same armour also means that guns would mostly be ineffective. Add to this the potential for instant death from one bite, and you have yourself an enemy that is nigh impossible to take down in a typical battle. For this reason, I think that if Yig was to appear in a game, he would be better suited to stand on the side-lines and send his minions—snakes—to attack the player instead. Either this, or the game may include random snakes throughout, that, if a certain number are killed, Yig appears to punish the player.

In a film...

Looking at the picture above, I imagine Yig would be very cool in a film. I've seen an adaptation of The Curse of Yig, though, as in the story, Yig himself does not appear.

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