Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#25 - Children of the Wind & Shoggoths

Children of the Wind

The Children of the Wind are bloated, corpse-like monstrosities, with stumps for limbs. They are always accompanied by howling, gale-force winds. Unfortunately, I was unable to find an image even vaguely resembling one.

In the RPG...

Alone, a Child of the Wind is little threat. However, the Malleus Monstrorum says that they always appear in groups of ten or more, which increases the threat significantly. Their attack only does an average of 3 damage—with a 30% chance to hit—but they also take half damage from impaling weapons, so are not completely helpless.

In a video game...

I think the Children of the Wind could work in a video game, though I'm not entirely sure how their movement works. They ride the wind, but can they fly against it? If not, a simple dodge might be all that is needed to avoid a fight.

In a film...

The description of these creatures sounds sufficiently horrifying, so I can imagine them looking equally so in a film. I'm curious how the source story goes, but unfortunately I can't seem to find an ebook edition anywhere.


Shoggoths are possibly Lovecraft's most popular non-deity monsters. Like Abhoth and Ubbo-Sathla, Shoggoths have amorphous forms. However, unlike them, they are highly mobile.

In the RPG...

Shoggoths are pretty nasty creatures. Its attack does an average of 28 damage, which is already an instant kill. It can also engulf its victim, who can only escape by winning an opposed STR roll against the Shoggoth's 315. To put that into perspective, that's a 63% chance of an Extreme Success, compared to an average investigator's 10%. While engulfed, investigators are subject to the same damage as a regular attack, so again, most likely an instant death. If the investigator's manage to not get killed, they have little chance of hurting the thing anyway. Fire and electrical attacks are halved, physical weapons do only 1 damage per hit, and it regenerates 2 hit-points per round. Basically they're screwed. Avoidance would clearly be the best option.

In a video game...

There was actually a Shoggoth in the video game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. However, it must have been drugged or something because it was no threat at all. The player could literally walk around it and would only take damage if they accidentally touched it. Because of their amorphousness, I imagine an active, mobile Shoggoth would be pretty much impossible to create in a game. I think they'd be more likely to work in a pre-animated set-piece.

In a film...

Like pretty much every Lovecraft fan, I'm waiting for the day someone adapts At the Mountains of Madness, where we'll get to see Elder Things, giant penguins, and of course, a Shoggoth. Guillermo Del Toro was planning to years ago, but that all seems to have evaporated now, which is a shame because he's one of my favourite Directors.

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