Saturday, April 30, 2016

#27 - Men of Leng & Nyogtha

Men of Leng

The Men of Leng are basically Satyrs—goat-legged humans with small horns. They live in the Dreamlands and are slaves of the Moon-Beasts.

In the RPG...

The Men of Leng have the same stats as humans, except for APP, which is slightly lower—35 average—most likely due to their excessively wide mouths.

In a video game...

For a video game to feature Men of Leng, it would have to be set in the Dreamlands, but otherwise, they would work perfectly fine in such a game. Not only would they be encountered with Moon-Beasts, but they are used as go-betweens by them so would be seen on docks and in markets.

In a film...

I've said this before, but I would love to see a Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath film... though I know I never will.


Nyogtha is a mass of living darkness, able to throw out black tendrils at will.

In the RPG...

Based on its description, Nyogtha seems almost identical to Cyaegha, just without the giant eye. Both are described as tangible blackness from which tentacles can form, and dwell in underground caverns. Nyogtha does have a trait I haven't come across as yet. Many Call of Cthulhu creatures have armour, which—in case you're unaware—is subtracted from each hit, whereas Nyogtha is able to negate the first 10 points of damage taken in a round. So say that three bullets are fired, each doing 4 damage. The third bullet is the only one that will actually take hit-points, and will only take 2 at that. Another unique ability of Nyogtha is that when it attacks, every investigator within 10 yards will take damage... assuming I'm reading it right.

In a video game...

A being of palpable darkness reminds me of Alan Wake, which was a very cool game. That entity was dispelled by light, however, so not exactly the same thing... and it didn't have tendrils.

In a film...

Nyogtha could easily work in a film, though I can't shake the feeling that a similar creature has been done before, despite no actual examples coming to mind.

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