Monday, May 2, 2016

#28 - Travelers & The King in Yellow


Much like the Shan, Travelers invade a host's brain and take control of them. They start off in a larval form (shown below) and mature once inside the host. Unlike the Shan, however, Travelers can't vacate their hosts... at least, not easily.

In the RPG...

After a Traveler has matured inside its host—in only 3 days—it has the ability to shoot a nerve tendril out of its host's mouth, which will most likely paralyse its target. It then feeds on the blood of said target and uses the flesh to feed its host. They can also manipulate their host's body after death, and even animate corpses by inserting filaments into their brain. These traits distinguish them significantly from the Shan.

In a video game...

Travelers in a video game would serve to create an atmosphere of paranoia, in that the player would not know who was infected until it was likely too late. The fact that they can live on even after the death of their host could also make for some interesting situations, essentially becoming instant zombies. Their tendril attack might be a little too dangerous, however. It's a very potent poison and has an 80% chance to hit.

In a film...

I imagine a film about Travelers would be much like Puppet Masters or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done, just that it would have to bring something new to the table and think of a different angle on the trope.

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow is Hastur's most frequently encountered avatar, and is far more interesting as far as I'm concerned. The King in Yellow appears human, wearing a pallid mask and draped in tattered yellow rags, which are actually an extension of his body.

In the RPG...

The King in Yellow has no armour and "only" 60 hit-points, which makes facing him potentially survivable. He does, however, have a range of varied attacks, some of which drain POW as well as hit-points. He has something behind his mask which averages 9 damage and drains 5 POW, as well as being able to use the ribbons of his robe like razor sharp tendrils, averaging 7 damage and draining 3 POW. Not only does The King in Yellow have these physical attacks, his mere gaze can cost an investigator up to 6 sanity points per round unless avoided by an Extreme POW roll.

In a video game...

The King in Yellow would be perfect for a video game. Not only is he human-sized and potentially killable, but has a nice variety of attacks, which would keep encounters interesting. With 60 hit-points, however, he would still probably be relegated to "Boss"... or perhaps just "Mini Boss".

In a film...

I would love to see this version of The King in Yellow on film. Not only could his living robes look creepy, but his mask-hidden, madness-inducing visage could provide some great horror moments too.

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