Thursday, May 5, 2016

#29 - Shaggai & Tulzscha


The Shaggai are basically Shan "Deep Ones". The Shan interbred with humans—somehow—the result of which grow up human until adolescence when they start developing insectoid traits, eventually becoming a full Shaggai. Note: The image below is not a very good representation of them, but it was the best I could find.

In the RPG...

The Shaggai don't retain the phasing abilities of their ancestry. The only unique attack they have is that their proboscis is covered in acid, which not only takes hit-points, but also APP. It also continues to decrease both of these stats until washed off. For added effect, the acid can also eat through most materials, taking armour points instead of hit-points.

In a video game...

With near-human stats, I think the Shaggai would actually be pretty cool in a video game. They do have 4-point armour, so would be slightly harder to kill, but not impossible by any means.

In a film...

Humanoid insects—or insectoid humans—have the potential to be either really cool and scary, or completely laughable. It would be a fine line that would require the right director and FX team.


Tulzscha is a column of green flame that casts neither heat nor light.

In the RPG...

Tulzscha has one means of attack, though it doesn't take hit-points. Instead, it ages the target by 2 to 20 years. The victim must also make CON and POW rolls, with even a success losing at least 1 point from each. A second POW roll is then made. If failed, the victim must then roll a D6, the result of which determines if 5 points is taken from STR, DEX, or APP. Needless to say, they'll be losing some stats before the fight is over. Tulzscha is also immune to impaling weapons, heat, cold, acid, and electricity, and takes only minimum damage from explosives and other weapons. Magic affects it as normal, however. It should also be noted that the 7th edition rulebook adds fire damage when close to Tulzscha that the Malleus Monstrorum doesn't. Personally, I don't think that should be there because it is not a normal flame and does not give of heat.

In a video game...

Though Tulzscha is practically unkillable—in a game without magic at least—I think it would be pretty cool in a video game because of the different type of damage it deals. Most players are used to enemies taking their hit-points, but it would be interesting to have one that takes stats instead.

In a film...

I think The Festival—in which Tulzscha is lifted—is an oft-overlooked story of HPL's and would make for a pretty cool adaptation.

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