Thursday, May 12, 2016

#31 - Beings of Ib & Dagon and Hydra

Beings of Ib

The Beings of Ib dwelled in the Dreamlands many millennia ago, and are believed to have come from the Moon. They were killed by the people of neighbouring Sarnath, for which their god, Bokrug, took vengeance and in turn destroyed Sarnath. Though the inhabitants of Ib were all killed, their species may live on in other locations throughout the Dreamlands... or the Moon.

In the RPG...

The Beings of Ib's stats are mostly human-ranged, differing only in SIZ—slightly larger—and STR—slightly weaker. They have no armour and only 13 hit-points, which probably explains how the men of Sarnath defeated them so easily.

In a video game...

Like most of the non-threatening creatures I've covered, I think the Beings of Ib would best be used as contacts or allies. If the player so chose to attack them, however, I don't think it would be unfair that they suffer the wrath of Bokrug. I won't be covering Bokrug in this blog, but let's just say he has 9-point armour, 45 hit-points, and deals an average of 17 damage, so would be a pretty nasty foe.

In a film...

I was never the hugest fan of The Doom that came to Sarnath—from which the Beings of Ib are lifted—so I'm not sure how exciting a film it would make. It's also quite a short story—as most of Lovecraft's are—so would either need some serious expansion, doubtlessly annoying the purist fans, or be made as a short, which would probably not have the budget necessary to do the creatures justice.

Dagon and Hydra

Both Dagon and Hydra are the largest and oldest of the Deep Ones.

In the RPG...

Dagon and Hydra have no special attacks or abilities, but the attack they do have does an impressive 24 damage on average, so it's not like they can't cause some serious pain anyway. They also have 6 armour, which means bullets are practically useless against them. Four sticks of dynamite would do the trick, but seeing as they'd most likely be encountered in or around water, that might not be feasible. 

In a video game...

Deep Ones are said to be ageless, so I really like the idea that they continue to grow, because it means there would be various-sized Deep Ones between Dagon/Hydra, and a newly-turned hybrid. In video game terms, this means you could have an increasing difficulty gradient as the player progressively faces the larger variants. As a side note, both Dagon and Hydra have already featured in a video game. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth featured Dagon attacking a military ship in a boss fight where you had to use the ship's artillery to fight him off, and Hydra was seen later in Y'ha-nth-lei, though if I recall, she was protected by a forcefield of some kind so couldn't be hurt.

In a film...

It was alluded to in The Shadow over Innsmouth that the Deep Ones would one day rise up against humanity, and that seed alone could make for an awesome movie. Whether set when it's happening, or as a post-apocalyptic survival after the fact, I would be happy either way.

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