Saturday, May 14, 2016

#32 - Ghost-Beings of Ib & Yibb-Tstll

Ghost-Beings of Ib

I know it's cheating to use the same picture again, but it shows the Beings of Ib in both their forms, so I saw no reason to seek out a different one. Needless to say, the Ghost-Beings of Ib are the entities that remained after they were wiped out by the people of Sarnath.

In the RPG...

Though generally harmless, when they do attack, they envelope their victims and drain their POW via an opposed POW roll. If successful, they sap an average of 10 POW, which never regenerates. Being ghosts, they can only be hurt by spells which drain INT or POW.

In a video game...

As I've noted in the past, I'm not a fan of magic in Call of Cthulhu, so if I were to include the Ghost-Beings of Ib in a game, it would be purely as an easter egg for fans, where they would simply be found floating around an unnamed ruin by a lake.

In a film...

See "Beings of Ib".


In the jungle of Kled in the Dreamlands, Yibb-Tstll rotates slowly in a clearing, seeing all of space and time. Beneath its cloak, Nightgaunts suckle—somehow—from Yibb-Tstll's multitude of breasts.

In the RPG...

Yibb-Tstll has two unique traits. The first of which is that her touch causes a "drastic loss or change", the likes of which up purely up to the Keeper. The rulebook gives examples of a sudden loss of all sanity- or hit-points, though it also says that the change could be beneficial—presumably decided by a Luck roll. The second trait is that her blood, known as "The Black", is composed of soft dark flakes and is able to be summoned to smother a victim to death by suffocation.

In a video game...

Yibb-Tstll would be a menacing presence in a video game, but with the ambiguity of her powers, I'm not sure how she would work. Even if they were altered to only reduce stats or skills or something, the complete loss of a stat results in death or incapacitation, so she would be far too powerful—especially considering her attack has a 100% chance of success. Like many of the deities so far, she would probably work best as a part of the scenery.

In a film...

I think Yibb-Tstll would be quite horrifying in a film, and I can envisage The Black as just as scary. Add in some Nightgaunts too and you've got yourself one hell of a movie.

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