Sunday, May 15, 2016

#33 - Nightgaunts & Atlach-Nacha


Nightgaunts are native to the Dreamlands. They are faceless humanoids with bat-wings that have a penchant for picking up their victims and carrying them away, all the while tickling them.

In the RPG...

Nightgaunts are another very popular and common foe in Call of Cthulhu, most likely because they have human-ranged stats while still appearing alien and fearsome. This is actually deceptive, as Nightgaunts don't attack per se. Their "tickle" simply immobilises for 2 to 7 rounds, doing no damage at all—besides the experience being "extremely unnerving". The true threat of a Nightgaunt is that the location they drop their hapless victim could contain actual horrors... such as Dholes.

In a video game...

Because Nightgaunts don't fight, they could be used as a means to get the character to a place they might not otherwise have been able to reach, acting simply as a conduit.

In a film...

I think Nightgaunts would work great in a film, though I'm not sure how well their tickle attack would go down if the genre were horror.


Atlach-Nacha is a spider-like creature which dwells deep underground, eternally spinning a web spanning the Dreamlands and the waking world. It is rumoured that if she ever completes the web, it will bring about the end of the world.

In the RPG...

If an investigator becomes trapped in Atlach-Nacha's web, they must make an opposed roll against the web's 150 STR. Any allies can add their STR to help, however, rolling against the combined total. If they are not freed, Atlach-Nacha shows up in an hour or a day—most likely dependent on a Luck roll. Her bite contains a paralysing poison, after which she will drain an average of 15 STR per round from the victim. Atlach-Nacha also has 12 armour, so firearms are all but useless against her, and being that she'd most likely be encountered in a cave, I imagine explosives would be too.

In a video game...

As much as I like Atlach-Nacha, I can't see how she would work in a video game. Dwelling in such an out-of-the-way location, and being nigh unkillable, I don't think she would be a worthwhile addition.

In a film...

Atlach-Nacha would be super scary in a film, especially with the design above. However, I'm not sure how a protagonist would encounter her considering the very specific location.

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