Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#36 - Typhonian Beasts & The Great Race of Yith

Typhonian Beasts

Typhonian Beasts are avatars of the Egyptian god Set, and can take the form of a jackal-like beast, or human with the beast's head.

In the RPG...

Despite having a human form, the stats given in the Malleus Monstrorum are only for the dog-sized form—though I assume they could still be used by simply swapping in a human SIZ. They have several unique skills. First of all, their glowing eyes have a hypnotic influence requiring an opposed POW roll. Failure results in the investigator being frozen in fear for 1 to 4 rounds—or until injured. While paralysed, the victim may make another opposed roll each round to break free. They can also dodge any non-magical attack when making a successful Dodge roll, as well as jump a distance of (STR+DEX)/5 in feet with a successful Jump roll. Lastly, they have variable armour. Each attack upon them will vary from 1 to 6.

In a video game...

With their unique traits, I think Typhonian Beasts would make for cool enemies in a video game. Perhaps they could change from dog- to human-form at will for some extra interest.

In a film...

I've always loved the animal-headed Egyptian gods. There's a recent film called Gods of Egypt that features some, so might include Set, but I've heard it's pretty bad so haven't seen it yet. I think a Typhonian Beast could be used to better effect if on its own anyway, and in a supernatural thriller/horror genre.

The Great Race of Yith

The Great Race of Yith—also known as Yithians—are a race that swap minds with other races throughout time and space in an effort to learn everything they can about the universe. The most famous of their inhabited forms are the conical beings of Earth's prehistoric past. The swapped mind subsequently inhabits the Yithian's body until they return, jotting down all they know of the home for the Yithians' great libraries.

In the RPG...

The Yithian's cone-shaped bodies are particularly powerful, though because of their place in time, it's highly unlikely that they would be encountered—unless of course someone were fighting them while occupying one of their own kind.

In a video game...

There are two ways in which Yithian's could be used in a video game that would make them quite interesting. First of all would be dealing with one in a possessed human body. Though they would be outwardly human, their technological prowess could come into play. The other way would be in the body of the Yithian that enacted the mind-swap. It is said the victim is initially restrained, but once trust has been established they are able to freely walk the Yithian city. Both of these could easily be twisted into an interesting scenario for a game I'm sure.

In a film...

I eagerly await the day we get a The Shadow out of Time movie. It will probably never happen, but one can dream.

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