Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#37 - Pallid Dancers & Rhan-Tegoth

Pallid Dancers

Pallid Dancers are child-sized, wooden marionettes with cut strings that can move autonomously. They are dressed in tattered yellow rags like the King in Yellow and wear golden masks, dancing with the grace and rhythm of both a ballerina and a whirling dervish. I couldn't, for the life of me, find a single image that I could use as a representation, so you'll just have to use your imagination on this one.

In the RPG...

The Pallid Dancers attack by launching into a complex spinning dance while brandishing a scimitar. Their rags are also razor-sharp and become weapons themselves. The dance mesmerizes its victim—via an opposed POW roll—and can only be broken by a subsequent opposed roll once per round.

In a video game...

I think the Pallid Dancers would make for interesting enemies in a video game. Their animated wooden frame would be creepy, which their unique spinning attack would provide some variation.

In a film...

Pallid Dancers have the potential for some real creepiness, and even horror, in a film I think. Being associated with The King in Yellow makes me want to see them even more so.


Most of the time Rhan-Tegoth sits motionless, mistaken for a statue. When offered a sacrifice, he pulls them into his mass of tentacles and drains them of their bodily fluids.

In the RPG...

Rhan-Tegoth has 10 points of armour, so firearms are mostly useless against him. More threatening, however, is that his feeding attack has a 100% success chance, and unlike most of the other grasping monsters' attacks, there is no mention of a possibility to escape.

In a video game...

Because of Rhan-Tegoth's sedentary nature and the fact that his attack is unavoidable, I think he would only really work as an easter egg. Perhaps he could be found in the basement of a museum, waiting to pounce on any player foolish enough to stand before him. Or perhaps a nefarious NPC tries to lure them there.

In a film...

The Horror in the Museum—from which Rhan-Tegoth is lifted—would make a pretty cool short film I think.

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