Thursday, June 2, 2016

#39 - Crawling Ones & Gugs

Crawling Ones

Crawling Ones are composed of thousands of worms and maggots, and though individually alive and moving, generally hold the shape of a human. The silent mass share a kind of hive-mind of the dead sorcerer that animated them.

In the RPG...

Due to the nature of their "body", Crawling Ones take minimal damage from normal weapons, and bullets only cause one point of damage—except shotguns, which do minimum damage as well. They are more likely to use spells in a fight than hand-to-hand or weaponry, though they can do if needed. It should be noted that the stats in the 7e rulebook make Crawling Ones slightly stronger than the Malleus Monstrorum, as well as a wider range of INT.

In a video game...

Crawling Ones would be pretty cool in a video game I'd imagine. Seeing one coalesce out of the ground and crawl towards you while your bullets have little to no effect at stopping it would be pretty damn terrifying.

In a film...

I think I mentioned with Tulzscha that The Festival would make for a great adaptation.


Gugs are 6m tall giants with vertical mouths and four forearms that dwell in the Dreamlands Underworld.

In the RPG...

Gugs have a unique appearance, but are otherwise pretty standard beasts, attacking with claws and teeth. They have 8-point armour, so bullets hardly faze them.

In a video game...

I think Gugs would make for interesting enemies in a video game. I imagine them acting like giant gorillas, charging thunderously at their victim on all six paws. That imagery alone makes them pretty scary. With their armour negating most gunfire however, they'd probably still remain in "boss" territory... or perhaps "mini-boss".

In a film...

Just give us a Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath film already!

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