Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#42 - Shoggoth Lords & Scions of Tsathoggua

Shoggoth Lords

Smaller, more intelligent Shoggoths that are able to mimic humans in both speech and appearance... albeit grossly obese and hairless.

In the RPG...

When in human form, a Shoggoth Lord's stats are roughly human. In Shoggoth form, however, they are stronger, faster, and more resilient. It is said that these differences are simply because of the concentration it takes them to maintain the human form. A Shoggoth Lord has no armour, but fire and electricity do only half damage, and physical weapons do only do a mere 1 damage. They also regenerate 2 hit-points per round, so all in all would be pretty hard to take out. Of note, the Shoggoth Lords in the 7e rulebook have a much wider range of SIZ than in the Malleus Monstrorum (30-105 vs 80-95) as well as a slightly lower EDU (15 less).

In a video game...

Because of their ability to blend into human society, I think Shoggoth Lords could be used to great effect in a video game. The caveat, however, is that they're really hard to kill, so might not make for great enemies in that regard. As such, I would probably only use them to drive a story rather than have them actively opposing the player.

In a film...

Though I've only read half of it, Michael Shea's Fat Face—from which the Shoggoth Lords are derived—would probably make an interesting short film. I'll post an update when I eventually get around to finishing it.

Scions of Tsathoggua

The Scions of Tsathoggua are enormous, bloated, toad-like things. They produce a child-like tittering that has earned them the alternative monicker, The Children of Tsathoggua. They act as the agents and guardians of their sire, Tsathoggua, at his various temples. 

In the RPG...

The Scions only take minimum damage from physical weapons, though fire, chemicals, electricity, and magic harm them normally. Though they can use their tentacles and bite to attack, being trampled is an investigator's biggest concern. Whereas a bite averages 3 damage and tentacles average 10, a trampling averages 32! In fact, there's only a 0.5% chance that even the strongest investigator won't die from a single attack.

In a video game...

Because of their role as Tsathoggua's agents, I could see these creatures serving a story role in a video game. The player would probably have to be stocked up on fire weaponry before the encounter, however.

In a film...

I think the Scions of Tsathoggua would be cool in a film about their sire. If the Formless Spawn were also included, you would have a potentially horrific movie on your hands.

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