Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#43 - Denizens of Yaddith & Lloigor

Denizens of Yaddith

The Denizens of Yaddith are a race of brilliant scientists and powerful wizards whose planet was destroyed by Dholes. Having developed teleporting time-machines known as "light-wave envelopes", some denizens were able to escape Yaddith's destruction and can now be found in various places and times, including Earth and the Dreamlands.

In the RPG...

Denizens of Yaddith have human-ranged stats, and have even been known to disguise themselves as humans with the use of robes, mittens, hats, and masks. Hence, they could easily be put into any scenario if needed.

In a video game...

As I mentioned above, a Yaddithian could be slotted in almost anywhere if they were disguised, which makes them quite flexible, and I imagine that if they were an ally, an eventual reveal of their true form would quite shocking to the player.

In a film...

It's been a while since I read it, but Through the Gates of the Silver Key would make for an interesting film, especially with the final twist. 


Lloigor are invisible, reptilian beasts, though they can create visible forms if needed. In the past they have enslaved humans and used torturous means to keep them in line. The remaining Lloigor now reside under the earth and sea.

In the RPG...

The Lloigor are intangible when invisible, so cannot physically harm or be harmed in that state. However, while in their physical form, they are quite deadly, averaging 21 damage in a single attack. Also, they have 8-point armour, which means that bullets are all but useless against them. Lloigor also have two unique traits. The first is that they can drain magic points from anyone within several miles, and second, have some weak telekinetic power, able to move objects of STR 5 per 10 magic points spent. Perhaps their greatest weapon is their Vortex Attack, whereby the space of a 10m sphere can be imploded for 1d100 damage. Luckily it requires 100 magic points, so would require 5 or more Lloigor to create together. 

In a video game...

Lloigor are pretty fearsome and unique creatures, which I'm sure could be used to great effect in a video game. While tough, an average of 3 sticks of dynamite could take them out, so they aren't crazy-tough. Stumbling across a Lloigor den with various amputee slaves would also add a body-horror aspect to the encounter.

In a film...

To be honest, I'd never paid much attention to Lloigor in the past. I'd always seen their picture and thought, "Gee, a giant lizard, how scary," but since writing this entry, I've come to really like them, and would love to see them envisioned on screen.

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