Friday, May 26, 2017

#47 - Broodlings of Eihort & Spawn of the Green Abyss

Broodlings of Eihort

Broodlings of Eihort are gestalt beings made up of millions of the tiny white spidery brood of Eihort. They form the shape of a human and can speak if needed. If "killed", the body collapses and the individual brood crawl away.

In the RPG...

Broodlings of Eihort remind me of the New Great Race of Yith, though they are thousands, whereas Broodlings are apparently millions, and are treated as a whole, rather than the individual insects of the New Great Race. Their stats are all roughly human, though all physical attacks do only minimum damage. If the Broodling manages to escape, it can regenerate, taking 10 minutes per hit-point regained, which means an average specimen would take just over 2 hours. If reduced to zero hit-points however, they cannot re-form. One interesting aspect of a Broodling is that the effort it takes to hold a human form means that all their skills take a -10% penalty (or possibly just a penalty die in 7e).

In a video game...

Picture this: You see a pale figure slumped in an alleyway, and thinking them injured, approach, offering to help. They turn around and are actually a Broodling in the process of forming from Brood streaming out of a storm drain. Despite only being half-formed, they attack anyway. Your pistol is now drawn, but each shot simply results in puffs of tiny white spiders instead of blood. It's then that you realise you're barely even hurting it! Sounds like a cool scene to me. What do you think?

In a film...

Such as in the video game scene I described above, I think Broodlings would be perfect for a horror movie.

Spawn of the Green Abyss

One of the many amorphous creatures of the Mythos, the Spawn of the Green Abyss are aquatic by nature, intelligent, and have the ability to hypnotise victims with a song.

In the RPG...

The Spawn of the Green Abyss have higher INT and POW than a Shoggoth, but are otherwise very similar, able to grow pseudopods and sensory organs at will. They are even immune to physical weapons and can regenerate hit-points like one. Otherwise, the primary difference is that these Spawn can sing a song that, if a victim fails an opposed POW roll on, will hypnotise them so that they will obey its every command. An Extreme POW roll can break the trance however, as can a Psychoanalysis roll by a companion (for some reason).

In a video game...

Despite being smaller than a Shoggoth, they are still much bigger than a human, so would be pretty scary to come across. Also, having control taken away from you when hypnotised could add an interesting aspect to the game. Perhaps one player is made to fire upon another, they might not know why this is happening and retaliate in self-defence, possibly even killing their team-mate, unaware that they had a chance of breaking the hypnosis and regaining control.

In a film...

Much like a video game, I think an intelligent Shoggoth with the ability to hypnotise a person could create some unique scenarios, so would probably work within a horror film's plot quite well.

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