Friday, May 26, 2017

#48 - Gof ’nn Hupadgh Shub-Niggurath & Watchers

Gof ’nn Hupadgh Shub-Niggurath

Also known as the blessed of Shub-Niggurath, they are a mutant race, some having the semblance of satyrs with goatish features, hooved feet and small horns, others being mostly humanoid, and still others having been horribly mutated into monstrous things. They were originally humans who were sacrificed to Shub-Niggurath, and are "reborn" with great mutations. No two are alike, and it's said that they served the basis for ancient goblin myths.

In the RPG...

The Gof ’nn Hupadgh Shub-Niggurath have human-ranged stats, though their mutations do offer them various non-human attacks such as claws and horns. They also have no armour, however, they do regenerate an average of 3 hit-points per round. The Malleus Monstrorum points out that they know a type of gate spell called the Scarlet Circle. Unlike a regular Gate spell, it is created via a blood sacrifice, and there is no mention of POW or SAN loss to use it, or limitations on distance. 

In a video game...

Being humanoid and killable, they would work fine in a video game, however, the fact that "no two are alike" and "are generally encountered in groups—sometimes very large groups", it would be a lot of work for—what I feel—is very little payoff. Perhaps if only one or two were encountered they would be worth it. Especially if the player was there to witness their "birth". The Malleus Monstrorum doesn't specify a SAN loss for such a sight, but I imagine it would be suitably horrific.

In a film...

I have a feeling that a group of ill-formed and goat-traited humans might look a little goofy on the big-screen. I'm thinking of The Island of Dr Moreau here. Who knows, it could be done well, but I'm just not seeing it.


Watchers are giant leech-like creatures that dwell in murky lakes and rivers. They are often employed by forces of the Mythos to watch over and guard important artifacts or locations... hence their name. Unlike the image below (it was the closest representation I could find), they also have three tentacles extending from just under the mouth.

In the RPG...

Watchers are immune to fire, have armor in their thick rubbery hides, and regenerate 1 hit point per round. If reduced to a third of its original hit points or less, it will attempt to flee, diving to the bottom of its lake where it burrows into the mud. There, it slowly regenerates, returning to its duty when fully healed. A Watcher attacks with its poisonous tentacles, paralysing its victim before pulling them to its mouth, which does an average of 17 damage. If that doesn't kill them outright, each subsequent round drains an average of 10 STR, so they'd be dead soon enough.

In a video game...

Though slow, Watchers are pretty much a one-hit-kill enemy. It's possible that a captured player could be rescued by their team killing the beast, but—even though it's not mentioned in the description—I would assume the Watcher would return to the water once it was latched on to its prey, so I doubt they could anyway. 

In a film...

It could just be me, but a giant leech film just reeks of Syfy Original. It possibly could be done with seriousness, but I doubt it would be worth it.

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