Saturday, June 10, 2017

#51 - Children of the Sphinx & Inhabitants of Yekub

Children of the Sphinx

The Children of the Sphinx are humans with the heads of various Egyptian animals, such as ibis, falcons, cats, crocodiles, hippos, and jackals.

In the RPG...

Children of the Sphinx have human-ranged stats, but all have unique attacks based on their specific animal head. They also have 2 points of armour.

In a video game...

Besides looking cool, they don't really offer much in the realm of uniqueness, and the Malleus Monstrorum says that they are limited to Egypt and surrounds, so unless the game was set there, they wouldn't really have a place.

In a film...

Animal-headed humans have been seen in film before, though as deities. I'm not sure how interesting they would be as little more than a regular human.

Inhabitants of Yekub

The worm-like Yekubians send special cubes out into space, and if an intelligent creature finds and looks into the cube, their mind is switched with the Yekubian's for a brief time.  

In the RPG...

Yekubians have 6-point armour and can deal an average of 14 damage when attacking, but otherwise have no unique abilities. It's unclear from the Malleus Monstrorum whether the stolen mind lives in the Yekubian's body once switched, or stays in the cube until switched back. If they are transferred to the Yekubian's body, then they are essentially the same as the Yithians, and if they stay in the cube, then that would absolutely suck for the player. Either way, it's unlikely an Investigator would be fighting them.

In a video game...

With another comparison to the Yithians, actually encountering a Yekubian would be highly unlikely, given that they live on a different planet. If a mind-swapping alien was needed for a story, I'm sure a developer would just use the more well-known Great Race. 

In a film...

Having someone find a strange cube and subsequently swap minds with an alien would be pretty cool, though again, I think the Great Race of Yith would be the better choice.

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