Monday, June 12, 2017

#53 - Trolls & Spawn of Othuyeg


Trolls are degenerate descendants of the Voormis, meaning they are dog-like humanoids. They have white coats that keep them warm and camouflaged in their snowy habitats. They also have the ability to call forth blizzards.

In the RPG...

Every Troll I've ever seen before has been a large, lumbering monster. These Trolls, however, are actually smaller than most humans, ranging in SIZ from 20 to 70, though they do have higher STR and CON, so they must be muscly little buggers. They also have a MOV of 11, so are quite a bit faster, too. Despite being "degenerate", these three stats are also higher than their Voormis ancestors. Another ability they have over them is that they can create blizzards, which usually lasts about 7 hours... though it takes an average of 70 minutes to conjure up.

In a video game...

When I first saw their connection to the Voormis, I was ready to pass on Trolls, but I think with their added STR and MOV, it would make them that little bit more challenging, which would be good. I'm not too sure how a spell that takes 70min to create would work in a video game, however. Perhaps the player arrives at their location after said spell had already been cast. Though it says in the Malleus Monstrorum that any human caught in the blizzard loses 1 or 2 hit-points per minute if failing a CON roll, which is a pretty steep loss, so the storm would probably only be used as a catalyst to get the player to shelter of some kind.

In a film...

Short, white-haired humanoids probably wouldn't be that scary in a film, though with their dog-like traits on top of that, I suppose a good director could make it work.

Spawn of Othuyeg

The Spawn of Othuyeg are simply smaller versions of their sire, meaning they are a mass of white tentacles surrounding a single eye... so basically a white version of Cyaegha (hence the reused image).

In the RPG...

Despite being "smaller" versions of Othuyeg, the spawn are still quite large, averaging 220 SIZ (Othuyeg itself is 485 SIZ). Their tentacles do an average of 17 damage, which is instant death for practically every Investigator... or the victim could be dragged underground and devoured there. Though it's not specified, such a grasping maneuver can typically be countered by an opposed STR roll—including party-assist. A typical spawn has 200 STR, so though difficult, wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities. Having no armour, it would only take about 2 sticks of dynamite to kill a spawn (impaling weapons only do minimum damage, so bullets are useless), though being able to fly, it might not be that easy to hit them.

In a video game...

I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, the ability to kill in a single hit means they're a little over-powered, but on the other hand, they're really not that difficult to kill. It's a tough call.

In a film...

Call-back to my Cyaegha post: "Being a giant floating eyeball, [a Spawn of Othuyeg] has the potential to either look completely awesome or completely goofy. It would all depend on the cinematography and FX."

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