Thursday, June 15, 2017

#55 - Thralls of Cthulhu & Nodens

Thralls of Cthulhu

Once human worshipers of Cthulhu, they chose to partake in rituals that transform them into bloated, grey shadows of their former selves, with vestigial tentacles around their mouth (or head). In return, they are given immortality.

In the RPG...

A Thrall of Cthulhu's stats are simply modified versions of their former self, with STR, CON, and SIZ gaining +20%, while DEX loses -20%. They also become slower on land, yet faster in water. Thralls are able to regenerate up to 6 hit-points per round, but if reduced to 0, burst into a cloud (a la Cthulhu) and reform, fully-restored, in 2 to 9 rounds. They can only be killed outright by magic.

In a video game...

Despite they're regenerative abilities, I think a Thrall would work well in a video game. The player would be able to take them out, but then still gets to have the scare factor when they see them start to reform.

In a film...

I think a Thrall of Cthulhu would be suitably horrific in a film. I wonder if their source, The Fairground Horror by Brian Lumley, would work as a film. I'll have to try and track it down one day to find out.


Nodens looks to be just a grey-bearded, hoary human. He is often friendly towards mankind, which is an unusual trait for a Mythos deity.

In the RPG...

Though Nodens has no armour or special defensive quirks, he will typically avoid combat. If he is challenged, he will either set his legion of Nightgaunts upon them (up to 10 per magic point expended... of which he has 100!), or dismiss them via an opposed POW roll. If this roll fails, Nodens himself will simply leave. Note: Though it's not listed in the 7th edition rulebook (because he avoids conflict), the Malleus Monstrorum gives Nodens' staff an average of 24 damage!

In a video game...

Nodens could appear in a video game, though I don't know to what end. Because he simply leaves—or makes the player leave—in the face of conflict, what purpose would he serve? I suppose he could simply be an NPC.

In a film...

It's entirely possible that Nodens could appear in a film very soon. Based on the trailer, "The Dreamlands" by Huan Vu appears to be starting with The Strange High House in the Mist, so even though it shows the White Ship arriving at the house and Nodens' shell chariot, it could still be him captaining that ship. Or not.

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