Thursday, June 15, 2017

#57 - Cold Ones & Horses of the Invisible

Cold Ones

Cold Ones—also known as Ylidheem—are semi-corporeal entities that appear as ghostly, wailing, humanoid silhouettes of whirling snow and vapours. They are only encountered in areas of bitter cold, and can appear or disappear into snowy skies, or drifts of snow and ice, like ghosts. Despite this, Cold Ones are only partially immaterial, so cannot pass through solid matter, though they can seep through the smallest of openings.

In the RPG...

Cold Ones are immune to all physical attacks, though fire can hurt them, and presumably magic (though it's not stated in the Malleus Monstrorum). Being ghostly, they have no STR or CON, though their other stats are all human-ranged. Their most unique trait is that they attack by moving near or around a victim which causes freezing damage, like frostbite. A victim can lose up to 10 CON and 2 hit-points with a successful attack, and after every 4th hit, will also lose 5 APP and 5 STR. All of these can be recovered with the necessary medical care, however.

In a video game...

Including these tortured souls in a game could work, though I'm not sure how the healing of the frostbite would work, unless covered in a cutscene, as it's said to take one week per point of restoration, which is too long for a game. The other catch is that they are severely limited in habitat, though could perhaps be combined with Trolls.

In a film...

As they are essentially just ghosts, I don't think the Cold Ones would bring anything new to a film that hasn't already been done before.

Horses of the Invisible

As their name suggests, the Horses of the Invisible are normally... invisible, living in another plane of existence. When they do manifest, they appear as the rearing front legs, hooves, and head of a giant, pale, ghostly horse, its hind quarters obscured or trailing off as thick, eerie fog.

In the RPG...

Like a Lloigor, these Horses cannot attack when invisible, but can manipulate objects telekinetically, spending a magic-point per STR of push. Once coalesced, however, a Horse can attack with either its hoofs or bite, which do an average of 14 and 13 respectively. It states in the Malleus Monstrorum that if a victim is reduced to zero hit-points with a single bite, they are ripped in half by the attack, and the upper half is never seen again. A Horse only takes 1 damage from physical attacks, and is simply dispelled if reduced to zero hit-points. The only way to actually kill it is by reducing its POW to zero.

In a video game...

With their near-immunity to physical attacks, and my disdain for Mythos magic, I'd be reluctant to utilise them. If I was to include them, however, I would likely keep them in their invisible state and have them there purely for spook-factor.

In a film...

Scary and ghostly horses have been used plenty of times already, so I doubt these would be worth the effort.

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