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#58 - Inhabitants of L’gy’hx & Nioth-Korghai

Inhabitants of L’gy’hx

Described only as "cuboid, many-legged metal beings". The Inhabitants of L’gy’hx stand only about three-feet tall, but are very heavy and strong. Some may have come to Earth as slaves of the Shan.

In the RPG...

The L’gy’hxians are not openly hostile, which is probably a good thing because they have 19-point armour, which means that bullets won't hurt them at all. Even a stick of dynamite has a 34% chance of being completely negated. The Malleus Monstrorum says that L’gy’hxians will utilise technological weaponry to attack, such as a knife made out of special metal, or an electrical whip.

In a video game...

I think L’gy’hxians would work just fine in a video game. More likely as NPCs than enemies, however. Even as a slave of the Shan, they might be inclined to aid the player in return for their freedom.

In a film...

Unfortunately, I don't think Ramsey Campbell's "The Insects from Shaggai" would make a very good film. It would require more CGI than its length would justify.


Nioth-Korghai appear octopus-like, but are in fact a dark-orange, "bundle of fungoid creepers joined together at one end"—so essentially tentacles without a body.

In the RPG...

Nioth-Korghai have numerous special abilities. First of all, with an opposed POW roll, they can possess the body of a human, who will have blackouts when the Nioth-Korghai feeds. They can also alter their own body shape to mimic that of a human, but it can cost them up to 50 POW to do so. Another ability is to create an energy blast, thats strength is determined by how much POW is put into it. Expending all of its POW, a Nioth-Korghai could create a blast averaging 56 damage! Nioth-Korghai are also vampiric, able to drain the life force of intelligent beings. This attack drains an average of 15 POW, as well as 10 CON and 10 APP (also averages), all of which cannot be regained. The stolen POW goes directly to the creature's POW. Of an odd side-note, if a victim is drained slowly, an Extreme INT+POW roll will psychically link the victim to the vampire. One last ability—though more like side-effect—is that someone fully drained of POW becomes infected. After two hours, the dead, dried husk of a corpse awakens, driven to feed on others' life forces. If unable to feed, they will simply die a second time, but if fed, regain lost POW, CON, and even APP... though lose half their Sanity. This feeding must occur every two hours or else they die... again. Each victim then becomes infected themselves, continuing the cycle. Killing the original Nioth-Korghai will stop the plague, but all infected die instantly. Strangely, the Malleus Monstrorum gives details on killing an infected, but not the Nioth-Korghai itself.

In a video game...

Based on the ability to infect people, the Nioth-Korghai would probably work in a video game just fine. The player would have to fight their way through the infected to kill the source and stop the spread. The only caveat to its inclusion would be the crazy-powerful energy blast. It would obviously need to be limited, because even dividing the POW into 4 blasts, it could still take out most players in a single hit.

In a film...

I'd never actually heard of the Nioth-Korghai before now, but I think they would actually work quite well in a film. Zombie/Vampire films are a dime-a-dozen, but with the inclusion of a tentacled alien at the source of the virus, it could just be unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

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  1. The story the Nioth-Korghai are from actually was turned into a movie, Lifeforce. It's not a great film but I thought it was a fun watch overall. It's also a bit of a pity that their tentacle form is never shown, just the human, bat monster and energy forms.