Friday, June 16, 2017

#59 - Ny’ghan Grii & Minions of Othuum

Ny’ghan Grii

Ny’ghan Grii are spherical, luminous beings with a single, faceted eye, and puckered mouth. They are also—you guessed it!—covered in tentacles. How novel.

In the RPG...

At first the Ny’ghan Grii seem like pushovers. They only have 4-point armour, their tentacles only do an average of 2 damage, and even their "Chilling Blast" magic attack only does an average of 3. However, they have one other trick up their metaphorical sleeve. Opposing a target's magic-points with 2 to 12 of their own, a Ny’ghan Grii can make them irrevocably devolve within only 2 to 12 rounds. That's a pretty nasty instant death. Thankfully they only have 13 magic-points, so it's not something they can throw around willy-nilly.

In a video game...

Despite their ability for an insta-kill, I think Ny’ghan Grii would work in a video game. They're not that hard to take on, and perhaps the devolution ability could happen to an NPC when it was first encountered, just to strike fear into the player.

In a film...

I know nothing about Henry Kuttner's "The Invaders", but I can't see any reason a Ny’ghan Grii wouldn't work in a film. Seeing someone painfully devolving would be pretty horrifying, too.

Minions of Othuum

I'm not going to bother with looking for an image of the Minions of Othuum, because they are yet another "heap of twisting, ropey tentacles". It's pretty clear to me that peoples' association of Lovecraft and tentacles didn't actually originate from his writings at all, but instead, those that came after him. So far in this blog I've had the following masses of tentacles: Cyaegha, Nyogtha, Spawn of Othuyeg, the Ny’ghan Grii above, and now the Minions of Othuum, none of which are Lovecraft creations. Azathoth is often portrayed as a mass of tentacles, but I don't think it was ever actually described that way by HPL himself.

In the RPG...

Now that my rant is over, the Minions of Othuum do mix it up a little in that it has some sort of face, as well as many gaping mouths. Anyone within a five yard radius can be attacked and held by its tentacles, and then bitten by 2 to 8 of its mouths for an average of 5 damage each. The Minions of Othuum also have 7-point armour, so bullets will still do damage, but at a fairly low rate. Besides its standard attacks, they can also swap minds with a human, doing so via an opposed POW roll. It's not mentioned in the Malleus Monstrorum, but a mind swap would imply that the victim's mind would go into the Minion's body, which would be pretty horrifying I imagine.

In a video game...

Except for the Ny’ghan Grii, the Minions of Othuum are probably the easiest of the tentacle-masses to take on, so if that was the type of creature needed for a game, they would probably be a good choice. Their mind-swap could be interesting, especially if the player got to control the Minion in the meantime.

In a film...

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of tentacled masses to pick from when it comes to the Cthulhu Mythos, and besides their mind-swapping abilities, the Minions of Othuum seem like the least interesting to me, narratively speaking.

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