Monday, June 19, 2017

#60 - Wendigo & Leng Spiders


Wendigo are hoofed humanoids who worship Ithaqua, and are typically depicted with deer skull for a head, and always with antlers. Despite living off moss, fungus, and frogs, they consider human flesh a delicacy and will seek it out any chance they get. Wendigo are also savage, solitary, and territorial, fighting to the death when they come across another another of their kind.

In the RPG...

Wendigo have human-ranged stats for the most part, though they are given a flying speed of 90 MOV in the Malleus Monstrorum, which is super fast! Of the creatures in this blog, only Yog-Sothoth is faster with 100 MOV. It should be noted, however, that Ithaqua had 100 MOV in the Malleus Monstrorum too, but was pulled down to 30 MOV in the 7th edition rulebook, so no doubt the Wendigo will also be hobbled when they get a 7e update. The only way to kill a Wendigo is by burning its heart, either with a glowing-hot sharp object, or cutting it out and throwing it on a fire. If this isn't done, the Wendigo will rise again—fully regenerated—at the next sunset. Wendigo also have a few extra traits. First of all, a bitten victim must make a POW roll, which, if failed, will strike them with so much terror that they will drop all they're carrying and flee. On top of this, for every bite, there is a 1% cumulative chance of the victim becoming a Wendigo themselves.

In a video game...

I think a Wendigo would be very cool in a game. Not only do they look terrifying, but the side-effects of their attack would make for some interesting dynamics. In addition, the fact that they are not overly hard to kill means it could just be a regular ground-level enemy. If the player didn't know about their weakness—or had no means of making fire—it could even come back for a recurrent scare.

In a film...

Wendigo of all different incarnations have already appeared in visual media many times, but I've yet to see one myself that was a pure horror film, so I'd certainly love to see that, especially if they used the traits listed above.

Leng Spiders

The spiders of Leng are huge and purple, with bloated bodies and long, bristly legs. Many worship Atlach-Nacha.

In the RPG...

Native to Leng, these spiders will typically only be encountered in the Dreamlands. A Leng Spider's bite contains a strong poison. Combined with the bite itself, it does an average of 13 damage, which is enough to take out 85% of Investigators in one hit. The spider can also entangle a victim in webbing, which can only be escaped via a STR vs 87 opposed roll. It also has 6-point armour, so bullets won't do too much damage to it.

In a video game...

As much as I love the image above, I wonder if large spiders have been played out a little in video games. Unless the game was specifically set in the Dreamlands, I probably wouldn't include them myself.

In a film...

Again, have giant spiders been played out?

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