Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#61 - Moon-Beasts & Gnoph-Keh


Moon-Beasts get their name from the fact that they live on the Moon of the Dreamlands. They do, however, travel far via great flying galleons. They are sadists by nature and enslave various other races to work for them, particularly the Men of Leng. Moon-Beasts are described as "a sort of toad without any eyes, but with a curious vibrating mass of short pink tentacles on the end of its blunt, vague snout."

In the RPG...

I think the scale is a little off in the picture above, as Moon-Beasts are typically the size of a large human (100 SIZ), and have human-ranged stats. Their only unique trait is that they take minimum damage from firearm attacks, though I can't imagine many people would carry firearms in the Dreamlands anyway.

In a video game...

In a Dreamlands game, Moon-Beasts would be a must, but like the Zoogs, Ghasts, Gugs, Men of Leng, and Leng Spiders, there would have to be a specific reason for them to be in the Waking World, as they aren't found there naturally.

In a film...

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Just sayin'.


Gnoph-Keh—not to be confused with the deity Gnophkehs—are hairy, six-limbed creatures a bit bigger than a polar bear. They are a sparse race, associated with Ithaqua. Usually only one Gnoph-Keh is encountered at a time, and the race is generally restricted to glaciers, ice caps, and extremely cold and icy areas.

In the RPG...

Gnoph-Keh have 9-point armour, which means bullets are largely ineffective against them, and they are pretty aggressive too, with 5 attacks per round. They are also able to call forth blizzards around themselves for the cost of a magic-point. Additional magic-points add an hour of duration as well as 100 yards of radius. An Investigator within this blizzard must make a CON roll every 15mins or they lose 1 hit-point of freezing damage.

In a video game...

Gnoph-Keh look pretty cool, are challenging, but are not unkillable (about 3 sticks of dynamite), so I think they would make for a decent video game boss. Like the Trolls and Cold Ones, their specific habitat is the only downside.

In a film...

A Gnoph-Keh would 100% work in a film, I think.

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