Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#63 - Servants of Gla’aki & Denizens of S’glhuo

Servants of Gla’aki

When someone is poisoned by Gla'aki, they become his undead slave, though still able to perform individual actions. At first they can still pass as their former self, but as time goes on, they become more corpse-like.

In the RPG...

As I mentioned in Gla'aki's entry, there are four different outcomes of being hit by one of his spines: 1) If the spine kills the victim and injects the toxin, they become a Servant of Gla'aki; 2) If the spine kills the victim but they manage to break it off during the same round—the spine itself has 4 armour and 6 hit-points—then they simply die; 3) If the spine fails to kill—there's only a 17% chance an average Investigator would survive—but the toxin is still released, then the victim becomes an undead horror, though not subject to Gla'aki's will; and 4) If it fails to kill and the victim manages to break the spine off, then they remain human. Once transformed, the victim's CON = CON × 2, and their DEX = DEX / 3, otherwise they remain the same. Despite retaining their prior appearance when first turned, the wound left by the spine leaves a livid spot that does not bleed, and from which a network of red lines emanates.

In a video game...

Again repeating my Gla'aki entry, I think the Servants of Gla'aki would be great in a video game. Assuming the gaping wound in their chest is hidden, they can initially pass as human, which could provide a nice twist for the player. Imagine being in a small town, interacting with all the NPCs, only to discover later that they're all Servants of Gla'aki, and are conspiring to make you one too.

In a film...

Copy... paste... "Gla'aki is a favourite of mine, and I'd love to see Ramsey Campbell's The Inhabitant of the Lake adapted to film."

Denizens of S’glhuo

The Denizens of S’glhuo are beings composed of sound, though they appear thin and tall, with huge pupilless eyes, and a skin covered with tiny rippling blue scales. Their fingers are boneless.

In the RPG...

Denizens of S’glhuo are immune to all physical damage, though spells that affect INT or POW can harm them. They attack with blasts of sound which are not particularly powerful—averaging 3 damage. They are only in this spot because they have 26 hit-points, though this is technically their POW.

In a video game...

As I'm not a fan of magic in the Mythos, I personally wouldn't include them, but if magic were in the game, there's really no reason they couldn't appear. They require a "translator" to exist in our dimension, so perhaps destroying that would be a non-magic way to vanquish them.

In a film...

A being composed of sound could actually be pretty cool. I don't recall ever seeing such a thing before. I'll have to read Ramsey Campbell's The Plain of Sound some time to see if it would make a good adaptation.

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