Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#64 - Tindalosian Hybrids & Hunting Horrors

Tindalosian Hybrids

Tindalosian Hybrids look like living Cubist paintings. They generally try to maintain their human form, but their image often wavers and ripples. By ingesting a bit of the blue ichor left behind by a Hound of Tindalos, a human may become infected—if he does not die first—and mutate into a Tindalosian hybrid. Certain spells or elixirs may produce the same effect.

In the RPG...

A Hybrid has many different abilities. First, its Hyper-Sight extends up to a radius of POW ×2 feet per magic-point per round. For 4 magic-points, they can "step through" one angle to another within POW ×4 feet of itself. And for one round per 5 magic-points sacrificed, a Hybrid can twist space around itself within a radius of POW ÷5 feet. They also have several offensive abilities, such as being able to swallow a victim whole (though I need to clarify the conditions of this ability), and using their long tongue to pierce a hole in a victim's chest and draining POW and CON from them. An opposed STR roll is required to detach it. On top of all this, the Hybrid emits a charnel odour which requires a CON roll to not keep vomiting for 1 to 6 rounds. Once turned, a Hybrid's STR and CON gain +60, its DEX gains +30,  and its POW is gains ×⅔ (e.g. 60 POW → 100 POW). INT increases as well, though needs to be re-rolled, and for some reason, EDU also increases. They also gain 2-point armour and regenerate 3 hit-points per round. Regular weapons also only do minimum damage, though this can be ramped up to full immunity by expending 4 magic-points per round. All-in-all, they're pretty bad news.

In a video game...

I think a Tindalosian hybrid is a little too over-powered to be a video game enemy, though while writing this entry, it occurred to me that playing as one would be pretty awesome. Perhaps the player becomes one towards the end of the game and catches the attention of the military (as they're the only ones with any hope of killing this thing).

In a film...

A Tindalosian Hybrid would make a great film villain. While technically it would require the introduction of the Hounds of Tindalos to work, I'm sure it could be written around, or just left unexplained.

Hunting Horrors

Hunting Horrors look like large, flying serpents—or perhaps, legless dragons.

In the RPG...

Compared to many of the monsters covered so far, Hunting Horrors are pretty simple beasts. They have 9-point armour, but otherwise no special immunities, and in fact, have one special weakness instead—they are dispelled by daylight.

In a video game...

Due to their simplicity, I would absolutely include a Hunting Horror. They're large and scary, yet still killable.

In a film...

Contrary to their video game usability, I think their simplicity would work against them with regards to a film. There are already plenty of films about large, dragon-like monsters.

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