Friday, June 23, 2017

#65 - Dimensional Shamblers & Spawn of Hastur

Dimensional Shamblers

Little is known about Dimensional Shamblers, save for their hide being described as "not wholly ape and not wholly insect", and their ability to walk between dimensions.

In the RPG...

Dimensional Shamblers have human-ranged stats, though are at the higher end of STR and SIZ, and the lower end of INT. Their dimensional travelling costs them 4 magic-points and one round to complete. They can also take something/someone with them, costing 1 additional point per 50 SIZ.

In a video game...

I really like Dimensional Shamblers, mostly for the mystery of them. They appear, take someone, and disappear again. Why? Who knows! For this reason, I would absolutely use them in a game. Imagine just standing there, talking to an NPC, and then a Shambler shows up and takes them. Most players will be expecting a fight or at least an explanation... but will never get one. It's brilliant. My only change would be that they appear/disappear via portal rather than the fading in and out that the rulebook says. For some reason that image just doesn't appeal to me.

In a film...

Some time ago I would have said absolutely, but then this little show called Stranger Things hit our screens, with a monster that is, for all intents and purposes, a Dimensional Shambler, and was done so well that it's already scratched that itch. On the other hand, however, I still think The Horror in the Museum would make a cool short film.

Spawn of Hastur

Octopoidal, aquatic creatures with unspeakably hideous faces that dwell in the foul and murky lake of Hali with their sire, Hastur. Like him, they may be summoned to Earth, but only when Aldebaran is in the sky.

In the RPG...

The Spawn of Hastur have 10-point armour, which makes them immune to bullets. They are also one of the few creatures that can swim, crawl, and fly, though they are more adept at the former, with only 4 MOV on land. Their tentacles do an average damage of 14, but if they succeed in a grappling maneuver, the result is being swallowed whole, and instant death.

In a video game...

Cthulhu is the only other creature in the Malleus Monstrorum that can swim and fly, so in that regard, the Spawn of Hastur are fairly unique, so would probably be a worthwhile addition. The only catch would be their reliance on Aldebaran being in the sky, but I'm sure that could be worked in.

In a film...

I'm remiss to say that I don't actually know much about Carcosa, and Hali, and the like, so I couldn't say how it would all work in a film, but in a vacuum, the Spawn of Hastur are pretty unremarkable as far as monsters go, so I don't think they'd be useful on their own.

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