Monday, June 26, 2017

#67 - Shugoran & Elder Things


The Shugoran race look like smaller versions of Nyarlathotep's Shugoran form. They are amphibious and have black, catfish-like hides, with small wings—or fins—and long proboscises.

In the RPG...

Shugoran have mostly human-ranged stats, save for a slightly elevated CON. They have 3-point armour, and their claws only do an average of 7 damage. Their only unique trait is that they can use their proboscis to cover the mouth and nose of their victim, who will start suffocating. The victim also cannot act while being asphyxiated, though their allies can aid in their freedom.

In a video game...

I can't see any reason why a Shugoran wouldn't work in a game. They would, however, need to look sufficiently different to Deep Ones to avoid confusion.

In a film...

Though I'm not familiar with the source material, I think Shugoran would just come across as a generic "fish men" in a film.

Elder Things

Elder Things stand about eight feet tall, with a six-foot torso, and have wings which neatly fold up into their bodies. They communicate by piping whistles and can sense without light. Elder things came to Earth a billion years ago and may have accidentally started terrestrial life through experimentation. They created the Shoggoths to serve as slaves.

In the RPG...

Elder Things have 7-point armour, so bullets will barely hurt them, and they attack using their "arms" for an average of 10 damage. They can also seize a victim and do half this amount each round via constriction. It should be noted that the Elder Things have the wrong roll listed for CON in the 7th edition rulebook. It should be 3D6+12 (not +6). They also have an incorrect INT average (should be 75, not 80).

In a video game...

Elder Things would be great in a video game, though due to them existing millions of years ago, there would need to be either time-travel involved, or cryogenically frozen specimens like in At the Mountains of Madness.

In a film...

Not everyone knows this, but Elder Things have actually appeared already in a film—Hellboy 2. Seen once being strapped to a surgical table, and again walking past in the Troll Market. Sadly they were only fleeting glimpses, and I'd still kill for an At the Mountains of Madness film.

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