Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#68 - Daughters of Atlach-Nacha & Fosterlings of the Old Ones

Daughters of Atlach-Nacha

The Daughters of Atlach-Nacha begin as normal women who have been chosen by the Great Old One to become one of its giant spider companions. Eventually, the chosen undergoes a horrific transformation, shedding her human skin, and changing into an enormous spider. This spider is almost completely black except for the swollen, pulsing abdomen that is streaked with green and gold.

In the RPG...

In spider form, the Daughters of Atlach-Nacha still have mostly human-ranged stats. STR is the only one that is higher. They are also surprisingly slow, with a MOV of 5. Their primary advantage is that they have a venom that paralyses their victim, after which they will eat their face and suck their brain out through their eye sockets. The true horror, I feel, comes from the fact that this victim can be rescued, though they are permanently blind, have lost an average of 25 APP, and, depending on when the rescue happened, lost 5 INT per round they were being preyed upon. I personally think I'd rather be dead... but maybe that's just me.

In a video game...

Though I don't think a giant, slow spider would be that exciting to see in a game, I do think that stumbling across the ritual in progress would be pretty cool, as well as seeing the transformation occur.

In a film...

My thoughts on seeing a Daughter of Atlach-Nacha on screen are pretty much the same as with a video game—the transformation would look cool, but the spider itself would not be anything new.

Fosterlings of the Old Ones

The Fosterlings of the Old Ones are the mutant offspring of matings with human females and Outer Gods or Great Old Ones. Through a special ritual, the deity sends a dream which reaches into the womb of a pregnant woman, altering the genetic structure of the unborn foetus. Once born, the child spends many years as a regular human until one day transforming into something more closely resembling its alien parent. This change occurs in a single evening.

In the RPG...

After the transformation, (on average) a Fosterling's STR and CON both gain +80, SIZ gains +50, and INT, POW, and DEX all gain +25. They have no armour, but only take minimum damage from non-magical weapons. An attack by a Fosterling does an average of 14 damage.

In a video game...

I think it would really depend on which deity the Fosterling resembled.

In a film...

There is a lot of horror potential from a person changing into a monster overnight. The story that would unfold would depend on whether they knew this change was coming or not.

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