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#69 - Spawn of Nyogtha & Unspeakable Possessors

Spawn of Nyogtha

The Spawn of Nyogtha are the offspring of blasphemous unions between humans, ghouls, and Nyogtha. The children produced by these matings degenerate into shapeless abominations after about three decades. Until this stage they easily pass as human, though they have viscous, black ichor running through their veins, so a medical examination could give them away. Once transformed, however, their torso and limbs have a bloated corpulence, yet the monstrous form maintains skeletal hands and face, though with hideously distorted features, razor-sharp talons, lupine fangs, and bulging eyes with hellish crimson orbs.

In the RPG...

While human, all of their stats are within human range, though STR, CON, POW, and APP are on the higher end (I'm not sure why they would be extraordinarily beautiful, but there you go). Degeneration begins between 33 and 60 years of age (average of 46). Once begun, the change only takes a few months. Once in their monstrous form, STR and SIZ increase significantly, APP vanishes altogether, while the rest remain the same. Whether in human or monstrous form, the Spawn of Nyogtha are immune to bullets, impaling weapons, fire, acid, radioactivity, and electricity, and take only minimum damage from everything else. Another unique trait they have is a maneuver whereby they pull a victim to themselves, sending many worm-like tendrils into every orifice of their body. Suffocation begins upon a failed CON roll.

In a video game...

I was thinking the Spawn of Nyogtha would be pretty cool in a video game... until I got to the part where they're immune to practically every weapon.

In a film...

Their nigh-invulnerability would put me off using them in a film, too. There have been many immortal antagonists in films before, but they always have one fatal weakness. From what I've just read about the Spawn of Nyogtha, they have no such weakness. It's not actually mentioned in the Malleus Monstrorum, but perhaps magic would be able to destroy them.

Unspeakable Possessors

Unspeakable possessors are creatures created by Hastur when it collects on a binding oath known as the Unspeakable Promise. If the caster dies before this collection, Hastur will possess their nearest blood relative. Unspeakable Possessors have grey-green, scaly skin, with a bloated parody of a body. Their limbs also become boneless and fluid, like an octopus'. Like Hastur itself, they are only active when Aldebaran is in the sky at night, collapsing into a coma either when it sets, or the sun rises.

In the RPG...

There is a 2% chance per year—non-cumulative—that Hastur will collect on his oath and turn the caster into an Unspeakable Possessor. Once transformed, their DEX remains the same, while STR is doubled, CON is tripled, and SIZ is ×1½. INT and POW simply become 75 and 175 respectively. Unspeakable Possessors have two very distinct attacks. The first is a grappling maneuver whereby they use their mouthed fingertips to suck out the victim's bodily fluids. This does an average of 5 damage per round, and the drained points are multiplied by 5 and divided between the creature's STR and SIZ. The other attack causes instant death, which is quite severe considering its 85% Fighting skill. You'd hope a Keeper would only opt for this option in extreme circumstances. Unlike the Spawn of Nyogtha above, Unspeakable Possessors do have one fatal weakness, and that is the aforementioned connection to Aldebaran. When they fall comatose, they lose an average of 50 from STR and SIZ. If either stat reaches zero, they will die and dissolve.

In a video game...

They could probably work, though I might be inclined to remove their Insta-Death ability. They only have 6-point armour and no immunities, so are not unkillable, but I can't imagine a one-touch kill would be very fun for any player, especially considering the chances of winning against an 85% Fighting skill.

In a film...

Though I'm not familiar with the source material—The Return of Hastur—the Unspeakable Possessors could be pretty horrific under the right direction.

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