Thursday, June 29, 2017

#70 - Servitors of the Outer Gods & Space Eaters

Servitors of the Outer Gods

Vaguely resembling frogs, as well as squids or octopi, these amorphous beings progress by rolling, slithering, or lurching.

In the RPG...

First of all, the image above—though how they are typically depicted—is way off scale-wise. An average Servitor is only 100 SIZ, which makes them the size of the largest human. Anyway, as their name implies, they serve the Outer Gods. These are the deities such as Azathoth, Daoloth, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, Tulzsha, Ubbo-Sathla, Yibb-Tstll, and Yog-Sothoth, though they are most often associated just with Azathoth. They can summon practically any god or monster using their "flute", so are often utilised by cultists to do so. The discordant music they play adversely affects humans, so any present must make a Sanity roll every 2 rounds, else lose 1 to 4 Sanity points. Though not mentioned in the 7th edition rulebook, the Malleus Monstrorum states that a human with an Art (Instrument) skill higher than 75% can actually use the flute. A second roll at 10% can call a random monster, and a third at 10% will bind it (if called but not bound, the creature will attack everyone present). Servitors are one of those creatures that physical weapons cannot harm—only magic can. They can also regenerate 3 hit-points per round. They can attack with 1 to 3 tentacles at a time—giving an average of 14 damage—four times per round, so are quite deadly, as well as being quite hard to kill.

In a video game...

Because of their connection to the Outer Gods, I would likely include them, but not as fightable enemies. I would, however, love for one of their flutes to be discovered and see if an appropriately- skilled player would try to use it. Either that, or have a musician NPC do so.

In a film...

Servitors could be pretty interesting in a film, especially if used as the heralds of the Outer Gods. Perhaps they show up on Earth and everyone is freaking out, but they don't attack—just play horrific music. Just as the worlds Governments are figuring out what to do about them, a much bigger threat arrives.

Space Eaters

The Space Eaters' description is a little vague, but I believe they are just a single column of blinding light that can send out spiralling tendrils into the brain of its victim.

In the RPG...

When I first saw the name of these creatures I was expecting something like a Langolier (see below), but this was obviously not the case. Their name comes from the fact that they can create a wormhole by literally "eating their way through space". Their brain-draining attack takes an average of 15 from both INT and POW, as well as 3 from Sanity. If rescued, POW can be recovered over time, but INT cannot. Space Eaters bodies are insubstantial, so can only be harmed by magic or flame.

In a video game...

I suppose a column of light with arms could be weird/interesting to encounter in a game, but my disdain for magic is leading me mostly to pass on these guys.

In a film...

I have no knowledge of the source material—The Space Eaters—but as written in the Malleus Monstrorum, I don't think they would make for very interesting movie monsters.

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