Thursday, June 29, 2017

#71 - Zarr & Spawn of Yig


The Zarr are 9-feet tall with dark blue skin. Their eyes bulge round and expressionless from their domed head. Between their eyes, a ridge runs vertically, transected by many horizontal slits that might be mouths. A Zarr's legs, shorter in proportion than those of a human, are unjointed, and each terminates in a toeless pad, whereas the arms, also unjointed, branch at the end into three powerful fingers and an opposable thumb. They are a technologically advanced race that conquer every world they come across. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a single image of them.

In the RPG...

The blue metal armour worn by the Zarr gives them 6-point protection against all physical weapons, fire, and cold—though none against electricity, chemicals, or magical attacks. Their blue flame guns do an average of 13 damage. They also have large robot servants with 20-point armour and arms that can deal an average of 14 damage. While these numbers are pretty high, clearly the bigger threat is that the Zarr have spacecraft, of which even the smallest have nuclear weapons.

In a video game...

The only way the Zarr would be encountered is if they were invading Earth, and if this was the premise, the Zarr don't really bring anything to the table that hasn't already been seen in countless other alien invasion games. Perhaps they could serve as merely an Easter Egg during a trip through a gate, or a Yithian mind-swap.

In a film...

Like with a game, the alien invasion trope has been done to death at this point, and I don't think the Zarr have anything unique to add to the genre.

Spawn of Yig 

The Spawn of Yig are the offspring of Yig and a human, and take on the characteristics of both parents. Skin is scaly and coloured similarly to that of a snake, while limbs are shrunken and dangle uselessly from the body. The face is partially human, but the eyes are cold and lidless.

In the RPG...

Being mostly like a large snake, the Spawn of Yig can attack by either biting, constricting, or swallowing their vicim whole. With a bite comes a strong poison, which either kills instantly, or causes them to fall unconscious for about 27hrs with an average loss of 5 hit-points. A constriction does an average of 14 damage (while it doesn't say, I presume this is per round). Finally, being swallowed whole does an average of 5 damage, plus 5 each round thereafter from being digested. They can swallow up to a total of 115 SIZ, which thankfully means only one average (65 SIZ) victim would fit. A Spawn of Yig only has 2-point armour and no immunities, which means they can be quite easily combatted.

In a video game...

A Spawn of Yig could be quite creepy in a video game, but the instant-death poison would make me a little renitent.

In a film...

A Spawn of Yig has actually already been in a film. You can even watch it—legally!

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