Thursday, June 29, 2017

#72 - Brood of Ubbo-Sathla & Nagaae

Brood of Ubbo-Sathla

The Brood of Ubbo-Sathla are similar in appearance to giant versions of protozoans and other single-celled creatures. Like the Spawn of Abhoth, they are constantly being birthed, and though some are re-absorbed, many do escape. Generally encountered only in Ubbo-Sathla’s primal grotto, no two spawn are exactly alike.

In the RPG...

Ubbo-Sathla's brood have a couple of funky stats—namely STR and SIZ. STR can range anywhere from 5 to 330, while SIZ can range from 5 to 350. All the other stats are normal, and INT is zero. The Brood of Ubbo-Sathla attack by absorption, where the victim is digested with an average of 3 hit-points per round (though I would assume asphyxiation would also come into play). They are immune to physical attacks, while fire and magic harm them normally.

In a video game...

Once again like the Spawn of Abhoth, I don't think these creatures would work in a video game, purely because no two are the same. It would simply be too difficult to model countless variations.

In a film...

I'm not sure that giant protozoa would really be that scary on screen.


Nagaae have toad-like, transparent bodies, their pulsating innards covered only by a thin layer of leathery skin. They have the hind legs of a frog, and four forelegs of a man. Their face consists mainly of bulging eyes and an oversized mouth with two forked tongues. They are amphibious, found all around the world, and serve Cyaegha, sharing their sire's malevolence.

In the RPG...

The Nagaae have a poison in their bite which may kill the victim, or may simply render them unconscious for later consumption. If the victim succeeds in their Extreme CON roll, however, they will only suffer mild hallucinogenic effects, taking a Penalty Die with all skill rolls for an average of 16 rounds. Other than that, the Nagaae are pretty standard monsters.

In a video game...

I think the Nagaae would be pretty cool in a video game, though as with the other poisonous beings on my list, their insta-kill venom would be pretty uncool.

In a film...

Because of their frog-like appearance and human-like arms, it would be a very fine line between scary and laughable with these creatures, so you would need a competent FX team to do them justice.

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