Monday, July 10, 2017

#75 - Ghasts & Fishers from Outside


Ghasts are repulsive beings which die in the light. They leap on long hind legs and have yellowish red eyes. Ghasts have an excellent sense of smell and their face is curiously human despite the absence of a nose, a forehead, and other particulars. They speak in coughing gutturals.

In the RPG...

According to the Malleus Monstrorum, Ghasts have 3-point armour, whereas the 7th edition rulebook gives them none. It's hard to know if that's simply an error, or an update to the creature. I personally think "none" is the better option as Ghasts are said to "die in the light", so must have pretty fragile skin. I think their most interesting stat is INT, of which they only have 15, putting them in the bottom 10 of all the creatures on my list. According to the rulebook, 15 INT means they are a "slow learner, able to undertake only the most basic math, or read beginner-level books"—so about as smart as a 5-year-old. Interestingly, the Gyaa-Yothn, which are said to be "domesticated" Ghasts, have 30 INT.

In a video game...

I think Ghasts would be a must in a Mythos video game. Their fast and scary-looking, yet still killable.

In a film...

I think the image above would work perfectly as concept art for a film featuring a Ghast. In case I haven't mentioned it yet, I'd love a Dream Quest film.

Fishers from Outside

Fishers from Outside—named so due to their tendency to swoop like a fishing-bird—have a quasi-avian form, with scales instead of feathers. They also have one leg, a glaring Cyclopean eye, and a hideous, hooked, fang-lined beak.

In the RPG...

Despite their odd appearance, the Fishers are fair standard monsters. They have 9-point armour, and can attack with either their beak—average of 7 damage—or their talons (while flying only), which can either rake a target for an average of 3 damage, or grasp and crush them for an average of 10. Though it's not mentioned, I presume this grasping maneuver would be a per-round damage until dislodged.

In a video game...

Though the image above makes the Fishers from Outside look quite ungainly, I image they could be designed to look quite scary, and if they were encountered in a "flock", this effect would be even more heightened, so I'm going to say they would work. They're also not unkillable, either, which is a definite tick in their favour.

In a film...

As I said above, I think the Fishers could be made to look scary, though with their one eye and one leg it would certainly be a very fine line, and would need an exceptional concept artist.

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