Saturday, July 15, 2017

#77 - Gn’icht’Tyaacht & Adumbrali


The Gn’icht’Tyaacht are tree spirits native to the jungles of West Africa, and are only able to leave their Nuwanda Trees at night. They are seven-foot tall, lanky humanoids with long pointed heads. They also have huge claws and prominent, sharply pointed teeth.

In the RPG...

The Gn’icht’Tyaacht can alter their skin so that it becomes thick and woody, creating a 5-point armour. Aside from that, they have no special immunities or abilities. They do, however, have a form of communal magic whereby they all know if one senses an intruder in their glade, as well as the ability to put said intruder to sleep, who must make two opposed POW rolls against the Gn’icht’Tyaacht with the highest POW to stay awake. Considering that an average Gn’icht’Tyaacht has 35 POW, that isn't a huge risk. Strangely, the Malleus Monstrorum says that they are voracious flesh-eaters, but then also says, "It is taboo amongst the gn’icht’ tyaacht to attack anyone within a grove, unless that person breaks the rules of hospitality by first attacking one of them." Perhaps this just means they leave their glade to eat.

In a video game...

The only issue with including a Gn’icht’Tyaacht in a game would be their habitat, though I suppose it's possible that a Nuwanda Tree could be grown elsewhere in the world and come with its own spirit.

In a film...

I can't see any reason that the Gn’icht’Tyaacht wouldn't work in a film. Tree-like humanoids have appeared in films before, but I can't recall any that were of the horror genre.


The Adumbrali are a race of two-dimensional, shadow-like entities that dwell in an abyssal dimension. They are only capable of moving in the horizontal plane and cannot move vertically, even in their own dimension.

In the RPG...

Adumbrali cannot be harmed by physical weapons, only by magic that affects POW or INT. An Adumbrali attacks by shooting out filaments that engulf their victim and drain an average of 15 STR and CON. One interesting tidbit is that the corpse of an Adumbrali victim will be completely dehydrated, and be marked with disturbing geometric patterns that have an eerie luminescence and shift position across the skin. Finding someone in this state would certainly provide an interesting plot-hook. Another ability of the Adumbrali is that they can create Seekers.

In a video game...

With no other means of killing an Adumbrali other than magic—and a specific magic at that—I wouldn't personally include them in a game.

In a film...

A two-dimensional shadow that can shoot out tendrils could actually be quite scary in a movie, though the protagonists would obviously need a means of defeating them.

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