Friday, July 21, 2017

#78 - Aihais & Dwellers in the Depths


The Aihais live on Mars, coexisting in an uneasy truce with the Martians. They live underground in hidden cities, where most of them worship the Great Old One Vulthoom. Those that do, live out 1000-year cycles of hibernation and waking. The Aihais are generally a peaceful people.

In the RPG...

Aihais have no natural armour, though they may wear clothing that offers them some protection. Aside from SIZ, they have otherwise human-ranged stats. If they need to fight, Aihais will likely wield a disintegrator gun, which is quite nasty. Not only does it do an average of 17 damage, but also takes 10 CON and 15 APP (also averages)—none of which can be regained. An Investigator's only saving grace is the fact that it has a 20% accuracy.

In a video game...

Because Aihais are a peaceful race and have no intentions of invading Earth—unlike the Martians—the only way they would really be encountered would be if the game went to Mars. Even then, they would need a reason to become hostile. Perhaps the Aihais would better serve as allies or NPCs in a game featuring the Martians.

In a film...

As they are not antagonistic, I'm not sure how you would work Aihais into a film.

Dwellers in the Depths

Dwellers in the Depths are aquatic creatures, and like the Deep Ones, have cities beneath the Earth's seas and rivers. They serve the aquatic Great Old Ones such as Cthulhu, Dagon, and Zoth-Ommog.

In the RPG...

Though they are aquatic, the Dwellers can come to the surface. They are immune to most physical attacks, though there is a 10% chance an attack will hit their brain-organ, killing them instantly. Fire, electricity, and magic do normal damage. If there's one thing I've learned from writing this blog—this is my last Malleus Monstrorum entry—is that a flamethrower would be an invaluable weapon in fighting the Mythos. So many creatures are immune to physical weapons, yet take normal damage from fire.

In a video game...

Despite their difficulty to kill, I think a Dweller would be pretty cool in a game.

In a film...

I'd like to read Ramsey Campbell's "The Horror from the Bridge", because I feel these creatures could be quite scary if done right.

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