Friday, July 21, 2017

Bonus #1 - The Hound & Colours out of Space

The Hound

The Hound is a large, bat-winged canine. It relentlessly hunts down anyone who steals an amulet of its likeness.

In the RPG...

For some reason, The Hound—from Lovecraft's story of the same name—is not included in the Malleus Monstrorum, so never made my list. However, I recently learned that it was included in the Keeper's Companion (Vol. 1), so have decided to make an addendum. Though it can use its claws to attack, The Hound prefers to bite its victim, which also serves as a restraining maneuver, allowing it to savage the victim each round thereafter. The bite itself does an average of 5 damage—ignoring armour—while the following attacks take an average of 3 hit-points, as well as 5 POW. The Hound is immune to physical attacks, and though magic can hurt it, it essentially has 4-point armour against such. If The Hound is vanquished, it will return—fully healed—the following night.

In a video game...

Because The Hound cannot actually be killed, I don't think it would really work in a video game. Like I mentioned with the Hound of Tindalos, the only way I can see its inclusion working is in a cutscene or Easter Egg.

In a film...

I absolutely love the story The Hound, so needless to say, I would also love a well-made adaption.

Colours out of Space

The Colours out of Space are basically just that—a colour. Most representations I've seen convey this as a form of vapour, though it technically isn't. To quote the story, a Colour "sucks the life out".

In the RPG...

Though featuring in the Malleus Monstrorum—and even the rulebook—I originally left the Colours off my list because they have no hit-points, so cannot actually be combatted. They are almost more of an environmental effect. When the colour feeds—via an opposed POW roll—it drains an average of 5 points from STR, CON, POW, DEX, and APP, on top of an average of 3 hit-points. They also weaken the minds of anyone nearby—via an opposed INT roll—whereby the victim loses an average of 3 magic and 3 Sanity points. As I mentioned above, a Colour cannot be harmed with any form of weaponry, though a magnetic field can contain it, and magic (that affects stats rather than hit-points) can also affect it.

In a video game...

Because of its nebulousness, I don't think a Colour out of Space would work at all in a game.

In a film...

There have been a few adaptations of The Colour out of Space, though I've yet to see one that really does the story justice.


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