Monday, June 26, 2017

#66 - Bast & Petesouchi


Bast—or Bastet—is the goddess of cats, typically depicted as a woman with a cat's head.

In the RPG...

Of my list, Bast is the lowest-ranked of the deities, having human SIZ, and only 18 hit-points. She does, however, have the highest DEX of all, as well as the equal-highest Walking MOV—surprisingly tied with Chaugnar Faugn of all beings. Even more surprising, is that in the Malleus Monstrorum, Chaugnar Faugn has 70 MOV, while Bast only has 40 (I'm guessing that MOV speeds were reduced in 7th edition due to the new chase mechanics). While having no armour, she can regenerate hit-points on a 1:1 ratio using magic-points. Of note, one ability that was removed for the 7th edition rulebook, was that she could evade 3 attacks per round. I'm not sure if this was removed because it made her untouchable unless the party was >3, or because they felt her 112% Dodge skill already gave her enough of an edge. Most of this is moot anyway, because, like Nodens, Bast will rarely take action, typically commanding her army of cats to do her bidding. One other thing that caught my attention is that, despite having the head of a cat, she is listed as having an APP of 99, which would make her more beautiful than any human could ever be. I guess, Nodens has an APP of 105, so it must be explained as a divine aura or something. There's not even a Sanity loss to see her. Note: Based purely on edition-conversion, Bast should technically also have 105.

In a video game...

One thing I've always thought would make a fun Easter Egg in a Mythos game, is if there were cats just randomly around the levels, and if the player killed a certain number—as players are known to do with animals in games—then Bast would show up to confront them.

In a film...

I think Bast would be pretty cool in a film. Being from actual mythology, the stories that could be told with her are countless.


Petesouchi start life as regular humans, but after adolescence, begin to change into a large crocodile, though retaining their human mind. Like Deep Ones, not all Petesouchi make the change, while others may only partially do so.

In the RPG...

The final crocodile form of a Petesouchi has the same POW and DEX as a regular crocodile, while STR, CON, and SIZ are all about +15 higher. The major difference is that a Petesouchi has the same INT as a human, whereas a crocodile has no INT at all. They also have 6-point armour, which means bullets are largely ineffective.

In a video game...

The half-formed Petesouchi might make for interesting NPCs, but I doubt there would be a use for the full crocodile form. If people are playing a Call of Cthulhu game, they're going to want to see Mythos creatures, not earthly animals. Sure it's smart, but it can't talk or anything, so it really would just appear to be a large crocodile to a player.

In a film...

The giant crocodile thing has already been done with the Lake Placid films—and you could even argue that they are abnormally intelligent—so I'm not sure there would be much appeal for a Petesouchi.

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